Where To Find a Notary On Call

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How To Get a Notary On Call Effortlessly

Are you trying to get your documents notarized without getting out of your PJs? Or did you eventually dress up only to realize that the business hours of the nearest notary office ended long ago? We can help you get a notary on call any time of day! DoNotPay can schedule a meeting with a notary at your convenience!

Getting an On-Call Notary

Many mobile or online notaries all over the United States offer 24-hour notary services. Keep in mind that although you can get a notary on call for your queries, you might have to depend on their business hours to actually get your documents notarized.

Notaries usually operate during standard business hours, i.e., from 9 a.m till 5 p.m. on weekdays. Since most people are also busy during that time, getting an appointment can be a nightmare. Remote notarization proved to be a solution to the problem.

Options To Notarize Your Documents

There are several options to get your documents notarized:

Notary Type


Traditional notaryYou will schedule an appointment with the notary and visit their office to get your documents notarized
Mobile notaryThese notaries will travel to the location you prefer and notarize your documents there
Online notaryOnline notarization is carried out remotely via video platforms like Skype or Zoom

Most people prefer going to notaries in person. If you opt for traditional notary service, you can follow the steps explained below:

  1. Search for a notary office near you
  2. Call and schedule an appointment
  3. Gather all the necessary documents
  4. Show up in person to get your documents notarized

The main problem with traditional notarization is that it can be a time-consuming and frustrating process. If you forget even a minor document or detail, the notary will cancel your notarization, and you’ll need to reschedule the appointment.

This outdated notarization system propelled online notary services. Among the U.S. states, 28 out of 50 have already officiated remote notarization, including:

With online notaries, you have the option to schedule an appointment according to your timetable without worrying about rescheduling if you forget a minor detail.

DoNotPay Can Help You Schedule a Meeting With a Notary On Call

Are you tired of constantly having to reschedule your appointments with notaries because of minor inconveniences? Do you want to be able to schedule a meeting with a notary on call at any time and not have to worry about business hours? DoNotPay can help you schedule a meeting within minutes! Follow these three steps:

  1. Open the Notarize Any Document feature
  2. Add your email address

Once you have completed these steps, DoNotPay will send you a link with a timetable via email. Click on the link to schedule an appointment with a notary. The meeting will be set up remotely, and the notary will authenticate your document with their digital signature and stamp.

What Is the Purpose of a Notary?

A notary, also known as a notary public, is an impartial and independent official assigned by the government to witness the signing of documents and authenticate the involved parties’ signatures with an official notary stamp.

A notary has various duties and responsibilities, including confirming the identities of the signing parties, administering oaths and affirmations, taking the acknowledgment of deeds, and taking affidavit declarations.

Notary fees vary across the U.S., but every state sets a maximum limit a notary can charge. If a notary charges more than proposed, they may face disciplinary measures, up to and including suspension.

Why Should You Get Your Documents Notarized?

Most people had to get their documents notarized at some point, but few understand why it is needed. Here are a couple of important reasons:

  • Notarization is obligatory because it makes certain documents legally binding
  • It confirms that no party is being coerced to sign the document, and all signers are perfectly capable of making reasonable decisions
  • Notarial procedures authenticate the signatures
  • Notary signatures and stamps prevent fraud and forgery
  • Certain contracts are not enforceable in court if not notarized

Even when notarization is not mandatory, you should consider getting it done because it may increase the credibility of your document.

DoNotPay Drafts Documents for You

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