Get a Klarna Verification Code Text Without Giving Your Phone Number

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How To Get A Klarna Verification Code Text Without Your Phone

Founded in 2005, Klarna is a financial tech company that allows consumers to break big purchases up into 4-part payment plans that span a short but steady couple of months. Klarna is available in over 6,000 US stores and has been rapidly expanding worldwide.

Klarna can make it easier for you to purchase a new computer or even a bunch of holiday gifts on Amazon or eBay if you’re short on money right now. But if you’re trying to keep personal data away from tech companies, you’d hate to give them your phone number — a requirement to sign up.

Thankfully, DoNotPay can help you so you can start using Klarna in no time! Let us show you everything there is to know about Klarna’s phone number registration and what you can do to avoid your data getting sold to other companies.

Why Klarna Requires Your Phone Number

Klarna needs to have your phone number so the company knows that each member is unique and it’s much more difficult to make duplicate accounts.

Here’s how their registration process works:

  1. Klarna asks for your phone number.
  2. You input your phone number.
  3. Your phone receives a .
  4. You enter the code and get verified to create temporary credit cards.

It’s understandable to be concerned about how else Klarna might use your phone number, as there have always been ways for robocallers and spammers to give certain individuals unwanted texts, calls, and emails.

How To Get Another Phone Number For Klarna

There are several ways you can get verified for Klarna without using your own phone number. These methods are as follows:

Burner PhoneBurner phones are available for around $50 at Walmart, Target and other retailers. While you can use the burner phone as long as you need to, some might not see it as a sound investment just to avoid phone verification for Klarna.
Fake Phone Number AppsThere are many fake phone number apps such as Burner and 2ndLine you can use for either free or cheap. But the reliability for each app is sketchy and you might not always get a valid burner phone number.
Use A Friend’s NumberYour friend might not mind you using their number to set up your Klarna account, but one obvious problem would occur if or when that friend wants to join Klarna in the future.
DoNotPay offers a Burner Phone product that gives you an unlimited amount of unclaimed numbers for only $3 per month. This feature is safe, reliable, and easy-to-use!

About DoNotPay’s Burner Phone Product

Rather than using your own phone number, will give you a different phone number to use for Klarna. This number is temporary and you don’t need to manage this number or require a second phone whatsoever.

Once you sign up using the DoNotPay number, you won’t need to worry about robocallers or scammers texting you with mysterious messages. If by chance that number is given to another entity, you won’t be bothered!

5 Steps To Get Verified On Klarna With DoNotPay

Generating a new phone number with is fast and easy. Just follow these steps to start using Klarna in mere moments!

  1. Click on DoNotPay’s “Burner Phone” Product.
  2. Type in “Klarna” as the service you need a number for.
  3. Click on “Create A Temporary Number”.
  4. Check your phone for a notification. It contains the validation code that Klarna sent to the fake phone number.
  5. Use the code in Klarna and you’re all set!

Be sure to have your phone ready to receive the code, as the temporary phone number is only available for 10 minutes. But by chance that you run out of time, you can easily generate a new number with no trouble.

Are DoNotPay’s Phone Numbers Safe And Reliable?

DoNotPay’s burner phone numbers are 100% reliable and guaranteed to work for Klarna and other popular websites. We do not duplicate phone numbers to ensure each one will work for each customer we serve.

As far as security goes, our phone number will keep you completely anonymous to Klarna, and there are no ramifications as of this writing for using a burner phone number to sign up.

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What Else Can DoNotPay Do For Me?

Aside from DoNotPay’s burner phone feature, there is a selection of other services available! Join us now and have the resources to:

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