Get a Fake Phone Number for OfferUp Verification Instantly

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How to Get a Fake Phone Number for OfferUp Verification

OfferUp is a popular marketplace where local buyers and merchants negotiate deals for goods. With over 18 million monthly active users, OfferUp has been the go-to site for individuals looking to buy or sell items from inside their own neighborhoods.

If you’re signing up for OfferUp, but hit a roadblock of needing a phone number, it can feel like you’re just seconds away from losing that item you've been longing to have in your possession.

Even if you don’t have a phone number or want to use the number you have, getting a phone number for OfferUp verification can be quick, easy, and safe so that you can buy and sell goods online with no waiting or restrictions. But you may be wondering: Are there consequences for using a fake phone number? DoNotPay offers the resources you need to learn more about website verification for OfferUp and many other popular sites. Let us show you how to verify your OfferUp account without your real number and learn about a great alternative to burner phones.

Why OfferUp Requires Phone Verification

Websites such as OfferUp need to make sure the user of each account is verifiable in order to limit the number of hackers, dummy accounts, and other suspicious users. OfferUp verifies the account via a phone number to confirm the user is a legitimate customer who won’t try to harm the company or other users. Furthermore, getting your account verified gives you credibility on the platform, so other users can trust doing business with you.

Some customers might be concerned that OfferUp could disclose phone numbers to employees or other users. When using OfferUp to buy and sell goods, some users will be relieved to know that other buyers and sellers won’t be able to see your:

  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Social media information
  • Any information associated with your TruYou badge

Regardless, you might still want to use an alternative number in order to avoid unwanted and possibly malicious texts from appearing in your phone’s inbox.

How To Get An OfferUp Phone Verification Code Without Using Your Phone

There are multiple methods to receive an OfferUp phone verification code without needing your actual phone number. These simple methods are as follows:

Burner PhoneBurner phones are available online and in select retail stores. These phones have limited features compared to phones from mobile carriers, but one low price allows you to use it for as long as you need to.
EmailYou can also opt to have your OfferUp account verified with an email address which can also be quick and easy. But much like with phone verification, you might prefer to keep your personal info away from OfferUp and avoid the chance of your info being sold to other companies altogether.
DoNotPay offers a burner phone product that allows you to generate an online phone number that works for verifications, so you don’t buy a burner phone!

Is It Risky to Use A False Number For OfferUp?

With the company being over a decade old and with over 18 million active monthly users, there have yet to be any known incidents involving individuals using burner numbers.

Do I Need To Use My Phone Number For OfferUp Aside From Verification?

Fortunately, the verification process will be the only time you’ll ever need a phone number for OfferUp. While you might use OfferUp to communicate with others, you'll never need to use a phone number considering the company:

  1. Will never call you or send you text messages.
  2. Will never require phone numbers to complete transactions.
  3. Encourages buyers and sellers to communicate using the company’s messaging feature on their website or mobile app.
  4. Strictly prohibits buyers and sellers from exchanging phone numbers.

How To Get An OfferUp Phone Verification Code Without Using Your Phone

’s Burner Phone product can help you bypass the OfferUp phone number verification process and protect your privacy. Compared to using fake phone number apps, DoNotPay provides easy and secure temporary phone numbers for incredible value. Here’s how to obtain a number using DoNotPay’s website

  1. Click on the Burner Phone product.
  2. Select “OfferUp” and click on “Create a temporary number”.
  3. You’ll receive a phone number you can use for OfferUp and other websites that require phone verification.
  4. DoNotPay will send you the text message that the burner number will receive —usually the number code needed to complete verification.

That's it! You can now bypass the phone verification process.

How Many Numbers Can I Get With DoNotPay?

So long as you stay subscribed to DoNotPay, you can generate new temporary phone numbers for as long as you’d like without limits.

You also have access to DoNotPay’s other features, including:

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