Protect Your Privacy With Fake Phone Numbers for TikTok

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The Easiest Way to Get Fake Phone Numbers For TikTok

Clocking past 2 billion total downloads, TikTok is undoubtedly one of the world's largest social media networks and apps. Nevertheless, just like you need a phone to sign up for Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, TikTok correspondingly requires the same during the account creation phase.

With upwards of 1 billion monthly active users, TikTok has a big following and usage. Therefore, everyone concerned about their online privacy would want to use a different phone number to open a TikTok account, preferably a temporary phone number .

How can you use a verification code sent over a burner phone to verify your account? That's why we're here. Let's go!

Why Use a Temporary Phone Number to Verify Your TikTok Account

Although there are different ways you can sign up for TikTok without a phone number, they aren't safe either. Some of them include using your Google or Facebook account. No matter how straightforward this may seem, you don't want to give companies an advantage of monitoring closely by associating and linking all of your online activities through your Google and Facebook accounts. That is why using a disposable phone number is the safest method to sign up and verify yourself on TikTok.

Another reason is for protecting your privacy and personal data. A study claims that TikTok reportedly uses unsafe methods to transmit crucial personal data. Besides, online apps and sites are prone to cyberattacks like hacking or identity theft. Thus, you wouldn't want a criminal to have it easy finding your real number by just forcing their way into your TikTok account.

Cyberbullying is also a growing trend, and the top way to avoid such is by keeping your actual number at bay when signing up for TikTok or any other online account.

Why TikTok Asks for Phone Number Verification

In a nutshell, the requirement of you verifying your phone number on TikTok is out of good faith. And some of the reasons are:

  • Ensure that all TikTok accounts are authentic as much as possible to avoid overcrowding the servers with fake or bot accounts.
  • Getting rid of junk accounts used by spammers.
  • Limiting the number of fake followers any user can amass for themselves through creating multiple TikTok accounts using disposable mail addresses.
  • Making the platform safer for everyone by adding a sense of responsibility that comes with sharing the phone number.

As much as the above reasons are valid, it's still crucial to keep your phone number private.

Where Can You Get a Disposable Phone Number for TikTok Verification

There are several ways you can verify your account using .

Buy a burner phoneWhile this is a less stressful method, spending up to $50 to verify just a TikTok account isn't only uneconomical but also imprudent. Unless you're getting a physical burner phone for long-term use, you're better off with the other options below.
Google VoiceHead to Google Voice and choose "create a temporary phone number" if you don't have an existing one. Use the fake number to bypass TikTok phone number verification. However, this is also risky because you're putting your Google account on the line.
Search for free disposable or virtual numbers onlineA quick "free fake phone numbers for TikTok verification" query on your search engine will generate thousands of results in less than a second. Although it's possible to get a fake number to avoid TikTok verification via this technique, scanning through these results and getting one that can work is tiresome and time-wasting.

If you want a more accessible and effortless way to authenticate your TikTok account, subscription-based burner phone apps are the best. One of the seamless and cheapest of these is our smartphone burner phone application. With only a 3.00 dollars monthly subscription, you can generate multiple disposable phone numbers per month to validate any service you want.

Some Issues With TikTok Verification Codes

Several TikTok users have reported receiving multiple spammy verification codes on their phones. It can either be a glitch in the system or someone else trying to use your phone number to create an account.

Also, attackers are known to pose as legitimate TikTok services by sending fake verification codes via email or text and asking users to give them the code, which they later use for malicious activities like hacking your online accounts. If you're undergoing any of the following and/or you want to change your real number on TikTok, do the following:

  1. Go to your TikTok profile by tapping " Me " on the app.
  2. Go to the menu icon " ... " and choose to Manage Account >Phone Number.
  3. Change your actual number to use a fake phone number generated with DoNotPay as below.

Using DoNotPay Burner Phone to Create a TikTok Account

Get through phone number verification bypass using in under 5 minutes as follows.

  1. Go to the browser or open the app.
  2. Choose TikTok when asked which company you want to verify
  3. Get a temporary phone number and use it for TikTok or any other service.
  4. Receive the verification code sent to you within the app and use it to validate yourself.
  5. Enjoy the services without putting your privacy in jeopardy.

Important: The phone number you generate here is only active for 10 minutes, and you can only use it once. Nevertheless, you can generate several of them per month.

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