All the Info You Need To Reach the Houston Airport Lost and Found Department

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The Straightforward Way To Contact the Houston Airport Lost and Found Office

The Houston Airport System consists of two airports that organize commercial flights and one dedicated to the US Armed Forces and NASA.

Millions of people pass through commercial airports, and many of them misplace their belongings. If you’re one of those people and lost your phone, wallet, or any other precious item, don’t fret!

This guide explains the quickest way to to increase your chances of finding your belongings!

How To Reach the Lost and Found Offices of Houston Airports

The two commercial airports that belong to the Houston Airport System are:

  1. George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH)
  2. William P. Hobby Airport (HOU)

The contact information you’re looking for depends on the airport in question.

How To Contact the IAH Airport Lost and Found Office

The contact information for the IAH airport lost and found department is in the table below:

Contact MethodContact Information
Contact formIAH lost and found form

How To Contact the HOU Airport Lost and Found Office

To reach the HOU airport lost and found office, use the information from the table below:

Contact MethodContact Information
Contact formHOU lost and found form

What Should I Do if I Lost My Item on a Plane?

If you lost your item on a plane, you should contact the airline you flew with as soon as possible. Unfortunately, none of the Houston airports provide contact information for airlines, so you will have to call the number for general inquiries for the airport you flew off or landed at. Those numbers are:

  • 1-281-230-3100 for the George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH)
  • 1-713-640-3000 for the William P. Hobby Airport (HOU)

Once you call and a representative answers, you should:

  1. Tell the rep that you lost an item on a plane
  2. Provide information about your airline, destination, and flight number off your plane ticket or flight itinerary
  3. Describe the lost item in detail

Avoid Phone Queues—Contact Any Airport With DoNotPay

With so many people flying every day, it comes as no surprise that airport and airline hotlines are constantly busy. Statistics show that, on every 1000 passengers, three report loss of an item or baggage, and that’s where the fun starts. It can take hours before a representative answers you, and every minute is crucial when you lose a precious item. DoNotPay designed a way for you to report your lost item and contact the airport in question without having to wait all day on the phone—all you need to do is:

  1. Search Find Lost Airport Items
  2. Tell us all about the unfortunate event:
    1. When did you lose the item?
    2. What is the object in question?
    3. Where did you lose the item (at which airport)?

Once you provide all the necessary information, we take it from there. We will contact the airport on your behalf and inform you about your lost items in no time. If you lost a suitcase or two, our app can also track your luggage in a jiffy!

What Happens if You Don’t Recover Your Items?

Every airline and airport has a different policy regarding lost items, so you should always try to contact both before you give up on your belongings. The situation becomes more tricky when airlines have their lost and found department and a separate one for TSA security checks. Whichever department gets a hold of your item, they will try their best to reunite you with it, but if you fail to contact them in a specific time frame, your belongings can be destroyed or sold.

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