Learn How To Get a DePaul Application Fee Waiver

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The Scoop on the DePaul Application Fee

DePaul University is the largest Catholic University in the United States. It’s based in Chicago, IL, and has around 20,000 students.

This university is known for trying to recruit first-generation students and people from disadvantaged backgrounds. This is why the school offers numerous ways to lower tuition and other college fees for its students.

We have relevant information about the application process and fees involved. If you want to get your fees waived, DoNotPay is the easiest solution.

Application Fee Waivers—The Way To Remove College Expenses

The road to getting a higher education is not cheap, as future college students quickly find out. The expenses begin even before you enroll—with application fees! You can count on spending more than $50 to apply to a school of your choice.

Now add that amount for each application you submit—you might spend hundreds of dollars even though you will only attend one school in the end.

Here’s a brief overview of the application fee cost to give you a better idea of how much money students are spending:

UniversityApplication Fee
Stanford Law School$85
University of California, Berkeley$70
Harvard Law School$85
Northeastern University$75
Duke University$85
University of Pennsylvania$75
University of Georgia$70
University of Oregon$65

If trying to think of ways to cover those expenses is giving you a headache, requesting an application fee waiver might help. It is a useful way to lower the burden on students coming from families not doing great financially. You only need to check if you are eligible for one first.

Is There an Application Fee for DePaul University?

DePaul University is among the minority of schools that do not require their students to pay application fees. The only exception is international students who have to spare $40 on a non-refundable application fee.

If you don’t fall into this category, this is one less school fee you have to worry about. But what of the others? DoNotPay can show you the fastest way of sending fee waivers to universities across the U.S. that do require an application fee!

Request Application Fee Waivers With DoNotPay

DoNotPay may not be able to help you with DePaul University, but we can ease up requesting application fee waivers for numerous other schools! Our comprehensive database contains all the universities in the United States!

We can help you with waiving these fee types:

  1. Transfer Student
  2. Enrollment Deposit
  3. New Student Application

If you want to save some money, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open DoNotPay in your
  2. Find the College Application Fee Waiver feature
  3. Select the application fee waiver you want to ask for
  4. Choose the school you’re applying to
  5. Answer some questions about your financial status

DoNotPay will automatically complete the form on your behalf and handle the mailing process. We can send the form to your school counselor if you ask us to. If there is no need for the signature, we will mail the document to the university’s financial aid office.

Other Ways To Request Application Fee Waivers

You can request college application fee waivers in numerous ways depending on the school’s requirements. Unlike DoNotPay’s seamless way of dealing with this task, those options are often complicated and time-consuming.

Here are some of the common examples of asking for application fee waivers:

What Makes an Applicant Eligible for a College Fee Waiver?

Applicants must meet specific requirements before they can ask for their fees to be waived. Fee waivers are there to help the less-fortunate students who come from difficult backgrounds. If you feel like this applies to you and would like to lessen your expenses, you can get a waiver if you:

  • Live in a federally subsidized public housing
  • Are homeless
  • Are eligible or included in the Federal Free or Reduced Price Lunch program
  • Reside in a foster home
  • Are included in programs that offer help to students with families that experience financial hardships
  • Are an orphan
  • Belong to a family that receives public assistance
  • Are a ward of the state
  • Have a family income that meets the USDA Food and Nutrition Service Income Eligibility Guidelines

Schools often check the amount of money your family receives annually. This is an overview of the financial status that can make you eligible for a fee waiver depending on the number of people in your family:

Number of Family MembersYearly Family Income

Colleges offer application fee waivers both for transfer and graduate students. Apart from the financial status, you may get fees removed based on other criteria as well—like being a part of certain programs such as AmeriCorps or Peace Corps. Some schools offer application fee waivers for first-generation students as well.

The criteria differ from university to university, and you need to check the requirements for each one separately.

Can Someone Be Automatically Eligible for a College Application Fee Waiver?

People who have already gotten an ACT or SAT fee waiver become eligible for college application fee waivers quickly. If that’s the case with you, you shouldn’t have trouble skipping this expense when applying for universities.

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