Delivered to Agent for Final Delivery—USPS Service Explained

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Find Out What Delivered to Agent for Final Delivery Means

Waiting for your USPS package to arrive can get inconvenient easily, especially when it takes longer than anticipated. What happens if USPS informs you that your package was delivered to an agent for final delivery instead of you? We help you find out where your USPS lost package is and how to track it!

and learn how to file a complaint or request a late delivery refund easily!

What Does Delivered to Agent for Final Delivery Mean?

If a USPS driver attempts to make a delivery, but you’re not present to receive the package, they will ask someone to take the package on your behalf—usually an authorized person or a family member. Once that happens, the tracking status will say ‘’delivered to agent’’.

An agent refers to whoever receives the package, but it doesn’t only have to be an authorized person. Packages often end up at the local postal service, and the USPS tracking system shows the same status.

The USPS final delivery agents are the drivers who deliver packages to you or someone on your behalf. If the tracking system shows that your package is delivered to an agent for final delivery, it’s likely in the driver’s hands, and they’re on their way to deliver it to you or an agent.

USPS Says Delivered to Agent, But No Package in Sight? Track Your Parcel!

You can track your parcel at any time to see where it is or if it got stuck in transit. These are the available tracking options:

  • USPS website—Go to the USPS official website and type in your tracking number to get started. If you don’t have the tracking number, reach out to the shipper and have them send it
  • USPS mobile app—Visit Google Play Store or Apple's App Store and download the official USPS mobile app. You can use it to track your parcel at any time
  • Phone—Call 1-800-222-1811 and ask for the info on where your package is
  • Text message—Send a text message with your tracking number to 28777

How To Reach Out to USPS Customer Support

If you want to clear up any confusion and ask USPS representatives what you want to know directly, here’s how you can contact them:

How To Contact USPSWhat To Do
Over the phoneCall the USPS customer service at 1-800-275-8777 and let them know about the status that your tracking system shows. Follow the instructions they provide until the issue is resolved
In personVisit a nearby USPS location and speak to an employee about your request. They should tell you what happened to your package and how you can retrieve it

You can’t file a claim if your USPS package isn’t damaged or missing. Since you’re still waiting to see whether the parcel will reach you, you should hold off with filing a claim. If USPS doesn’t manage to locate your parcel, you will be able to file your lost package claim within 60 days of the mailing date.

When Can I Request a USPS Refund?

USPS allows refunds only for the delayed items that were sent using either Priority Mail or Priority Mail Express. The Priority Mail items will be considered delayed if you don’t receive them in more than five days from the date of mailing. The Priority Mail Express packages should arrive in no more than two days.

Before requesting a refund, you should gather the following documents:

  • The tracking number
  • The purchase receipt
  • Your photo ID

Don’t forget to prepare all of the above-mentioned documents since USPS can refuse to issue you a refund if you don’t provide them.

You can request a refund:

  1. Online—Visit the official USPS website and submit your request
  2. In person—Fill out the required forms at any USPS location
  3. With DoNotPay—Let our app request a refund in your stead using the info you provide

DoNotPay Files a Claim and Requests a Refund for You!

Why bother filling out confusing forms and waiting in lines for hours when you can have DoNotPay do the job for you? We’ll gather the info you provide and use it to submit your request with the USPS claims department in a few minutes!

The process is streamlined to a tee as well. Here’s how the process works once you :

  1. Access the Late Delivery Refund feature
  2. Choose the shipping company responsible for your parcel
  3. Answer a few questions about your request

Once you complete these steps, DoNotPay will send your claim, and you’re done!

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