Get Easy Valorant SMS Verification Without Your Phone Number

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Get Easy Valorant SMS Verification Without Your Phone Number

Valorant is a free-to-play 5-on-5 hero shooter that offers fast-paced excitement for gamers around the world. Developed by Riot Games, Valorant serves over 20 million unique players a month and rolls out new characters and updates on a periodical basis.

However, if you wish to get started with this addicting eSports game, you’ll need to have a phone number on hand. But if you’re somebody who’s nervous about giving companies your personal information, you’re wondering if you have alternatives you can try instead.

Fortunately, can show you how to avoid using your own phone number and start playing Valorant worry-free! Read our guide below to learn more.

Why Is Valorant Asking For My Phone Number?

When it comes to competitive video games, developers want an even playing field for all participants. Cheating does happen in Valorant, but when it does, the phone number makes it easy to track the cheater and ban them so they don’t attempt to start over with a new account after getting caught.

Here’s how you typically get verified for Valorant.

  1. Start Valorant on your computer.
  2. Click on “Premier”.
  3. Click on “Verify Now”.
  4. Select your country and type out your phone number.
  5. Check your phone to receive the one-time code.
  6. Enter the one-time code in Valorant.

How Can I Receive A New Valorant Phone Number?

There are several ways you can obtain another phone number for Valorant SMS verification without having to jump through extensive hoops! Each method is relatively cheap, but they all differ in their own unique ways.

Burner PhoneBurner phones cost $50 at big chain retailers like Walmart. If you’re looking to use a second number for many different services, it may be worth it.
Google VoiceIf you’re a subscriber to Google Voice, you can rely on this service to handle your Valorant one-time code. The problem for some is that you’ll need to give your phone number to Google in order to do this.
Fake Phone Number AppsBurner and Flyp are some of the many fake phone number apps available for free or cheap. The success rate for valid phone numbers isn’t 100%, however.
DoNotPay offers temporary phone numbers that are guaranteed to work when you need them. You can obtain as many numbers as you’d like for Valorant and other video games.

What Is DoNotPay’s Burner Phone Product?

can generate a valid and vacant phone number that you are free to use to sign up for Valorant.

  • New numbers can be obtained at any time with no additional fees.
  • To prevent the traceability of numbers, DoNotPay erases the number 10 minutes after it’s available to you.
  • Each number is safe and keeps your information anonymous from Riot Games. They will never contact you in the future regarding the fake phone number.

What Do I Do To Generate A Phone Number For Valorant SMS Verification?

The process for getting a alternative phone number is quick and easy. Simply log on to DoNotPay from your phone or web browser and follow these simple steps:

  1. Click on the “Burner Phone” button.
  2. Type out “Valorant” as your service of choice.
  3. Click on “Create a temporary number”.
  4. Sign up for Valorant and enter the new number.
  5. Check your phone to receive the one-time code Valorant gives the burner number.
  6. Enter the one-time code into Valorant.

And that’s it! You can easily get started or continue with Valorant once the new number and code have been confirmed. You won’t have to wait overnight for a number or have it emailed to you later.

Can I Unlink My Phone Number From Valorant?

If you are already using your phone number for Valorant, you can “unlink” that number. To do this, simply go to the settings menu in Valorant and click on “Unlink” in the Account tab.

When you unlink a phone number, you are free to link a different number. If you are looking to re-link your original number in the future, that number will be banned for six months before you are allowed to do so again. But with DoNotPay, this easily won’t be a concern until then.

What Other Ways Can I Make Use Of DoNotPay’s Burner Numbers?

DoNotPay’’s Burner Number product can allow you to sign up to many different websites without having to give them all your real number. You can obtain unlimited phone numbers with DoNotPay, so you can:

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