Acquiring Gatehub Phone Verification Without Risking Your Identity

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How to Go About GateHub Phone Verification Without a Phone Number

The GateHub platform was established in 2014 to help people store coins as well as trade them. When it was initially launched, it was explicitly meant for the Ripple (XRP) cryptocurrency. Nonetheless, it now supports other forms of coins too. And just like many other platforms, you need to go through before logging in.

Nevertheless, with the high increase of cybersecurity threats, you want to keep your phone number away from potential scammers and spammers. Though many businesses try all they can to keep your data safe, we still have cases of data leaks happening.

For instance, in April 2019, it was discovered that two data sets from Facebook were exposed to the public internet. The information included the data of more than 530 million Facebook users, including phone numbers. Therefore, many people are now going for fake phone number apps and burner phone apps for verification to resolve this issue.

Why People Use Burner Phones for GateHub Phone Verification

When signing up for GateHub, they always ask you to verify your identity through a phone number. And due to the increased number of malicious attackers out there, you may want to keep your phone number as well as identity private.

And while GateHub always means well when asking you for your phone number confirmation, it has minimal control to prevent hackers and scammers posing as customers or freelancers from accessing your number. This makes it necessary to have a burner phone or a phone burner app to give you a temporary phone number.

The temporary phone number helps to:

  • Safeguard you from spam texts
  • Avoid a series of follow-up messages from GateHub
  • Protect your data from potential hackers

Why GateHub Asks for Phone Verification

Just like every other business organization, GateHub gives a high priority to protecting their customers ' data. To get to know their clients well and reach them any time with much ease, they ask their users to provide personal information, proof of residency, and an identification document. And since they are dealing with finances, they also want to ensure that your transactions are always safe .

Here are some more reasons why GateHub asks for phone verification:

  1. To prove that it 's you.
  2. To save money and time by reaching out to clients quickly.
  3. To hinder fraud from online hackers trying to pose as clients to get other clients ' personal information.

Ways to Get a Temporary Phone Number for GateHub Phone Verification

There are multiple options to bypass phone verification when signing up for GateHub. These include:

Using a Burner PhoneOne way to get is through a burner phone. Nevertheless, using a burner phone app is more effective since it can be installed on your current phone, making it a burner.
Google Fake Phone NumbersSeveral sites offer fake phone numbers to help you with phone verification. However, some of these sites are too slow, and others have been banned by GateHub, making it a bit ineffective.
Google VoiceThough Google voice offers you a phone number you can use for GateHub phone verification, it's also problematic in a way. You have to use your actual phone number to get the temporary number, which brings you back to the risk you are trying to avoid.

Potential Issues With GateHub Phone Verification

Even with all the solutions available, there are always potential issues with GateHub phone verification. One of them is that you can face a GateHub phone verification error if you mistype the code or enter the wrong pin, which ends up slowing your process.

Again, the GateHub code can delay a bit, forcing you to request it multiple times. And if you ask for the code more than five times, you may end up not receiving it at all. Nevertheless, when the GateHub phone verification is not working, DoNotPay can help you jump the phone queue of GateHub's customer support agent and have your issue handled immediately .

Use DoNotPay to Sign Up for GateHub Without a Phone Number

DoNotPay is an easy solution that guarantees excellent results when acquiring GateHub phone verification . You won 't have to worry about compromising your privacy or the price.

To get a temporary phone number , follow these steps:

  1. Open DoNotPay in your web browser.
  2. Navigate the Burner Phone feature.
  3. Enter the name of the organization you need the number for (in our case, GateHub).
  4. Click on Create a Temporary Number.
  5. Receive the number generated by DoNotPay.
  6. Select View My Text Message.

Every time you use our feature, DoNotPay generates a new number that lasts for ten minutes only . Ensure that you use the number within that time frame to enhance effectiveness.

Use Virtual Credit Card to Stay Protected

To avoid leaving your number to companies, you can use DoNotPay 's virtual credit card to sign up for GateHub. This feature is especially crucial when applying for free trials since it makes sure that you won't have to keep paying for the service if you forget to unsubscribe before the trial ends.

It's a simple process that includes generating a number that looks like an actual credit card number. The only variance is that there are no funds on the DoNotPay virtual credit card, so GateHub won 't be able to use it to charge you .

What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

For more queries about GateHub phone verification and more, get in touch with us.

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