Lost and Found at Orlando Airport: What You Should Know

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How To Retrieve Your Missing Belongings From the Lost and Found at Orlando Airport

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you lost an item at the Orlando Airport, don’t despair!

This guide summarizes the entire procedure of the Lost and Found at Orlando Airport and explains how the !

The Basics of Orlando Airport Lost and Found

The first step in finding your lost item on Orlando Airport’s premises is to fill out the Lost and Found form on the airport’s website.

Some of the required fields you need to fill out include:

  • Your first and last name and general contact details
  • Your mailing address
  • A detailed description of the missing item
  • The date when you lost the item
  • The location where you think you have lost the item

The airport’s staff will contact you as soon as possible. They advise against sending duplicate lost item requests as it may slow down their item search process.

Once your item has been found, you can claim it at the division’s office at Orlando International Airport’s main terminal—provided you are in the Central Florida area.

Orlando Airport Lost and Found office is open between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m.

Its phone number is 407-825-2111.

Another thing to note is that Orlando Airport doesn’t charge any fees for helping you locate your lost belongings.

Where To Look for the Items You Have Lost on an Airplane

You should also be aware that MCO Airport’s Lost and Found only handles items that were lost within the airport’s terminals.

Here is a brief overview of who to contact depending on where you lost your item:

Where Did You Lose Your Item?Who Is in Charge of Finding It?
Airport terminals, airport shuttles, or parking lotsOrlando Airport Lost and Found
AirplaneThe airline you traveled with—You can find the entire list of contact details on the official Contact page
TSA security checkpointsTSA—You should call 908-787-0667
Rented vehicles, shuttles between gates, and taxisThe companies that provide these services

In case you lost personal belongings at the Club MCO, email MCO1concierge@gideontoal-ms.com or call:

  • 407-825-7853 (for The Club MCO at Gates 1-29)
  • 407-825-4747 (for The Club MCO at Gates 70-99)

For items lost on Disney’s Magical Express, you should call 866-599-0951.

How To Avoid Losing Your Items at an Airport Ever Again

Here is how you can never prevent losing an item again when flying:

  • Keep track of your baggage with a tracking device for luggage
  • Keep your phone or wallet close to you at all times (e.g., in the inside pocket of your coat)
  • Tag your personal items with vibrant stickers that stand out
  • Keep smaller items in a carry-on

How DoNotPay Handles Lost Item Inquiries on Your Behalf (To Save You Time and Money)

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Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Locate the Find Lost Airport Items tool
  2. Provide the necessary information

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