Service Line Warranties of America Claims Made Easy

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How To Claim Service Line Warranties of America Warranty the Easy Way

Service Line Warranties of America (SLWA) is a home repair service company from Pennsylvania. It offers repair plans for sewer, gas, electrical, and plumbing lines. The company covers damage to utility lines unlike standard home warranties.

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Service Line Warranties of America Warranty Plans and Coverage

Service Line Warranties of America offers various plans for your utility systems, but it doesn’t cover any appliances. Unlike other home warranties, it doesn’t require a service call fee. You will only need to pay a monthly fee.

The company offers four repair plans:

  • Water line repair plan
  • Sewer line repair plan
  • Gas line repair plan
  • Electrical line repair plan

You can see what the plans cover below:

Repair PlanCoverage

Water Line Repair Plan

  • Pipe replacement or repair
  • Repair and replacement of seals and joints
  • Pipe unblocking
  • Fusing
  • Welding
  • Pipe cutting

Sewer Line Repair Plan

  • Clogged drain
  • Leaking wax seal
  • Burst interior water pipe repair
  • Unblocking an overflowing toilet or sink due to a clogged drain
  • Leaking supply pipe to the water heater
  • Pipe replacement or repair
  • Repair and replacement of seals and joints
  • Pipe unblocking

Gas Line Repair Plan

  • Natural gas supply lines
  • Gas safety shutoff valve
  • Sections of the natural gas supply pipe
  • Sections of pipe furnace

Electrical Line Repair Plan

  • Faulty or damaged electrical outlet
  • Faulty or damaged GFCI outlet
  • Broken light switch
  • Faulty wiring to exhaust fan
  • Distribution center (panel or fuse box)
  • Insulator
  • Riser
  • Weatherhead
  • Permanent wiring
  • High voltage wiring
  • Service entrance conductor

How To File a Service Line Warranties of America Claim by Yourself

You can file a claim by calling the company’s 24/7 repair hotline.

Here is how to do it:

  1. Call the Repair Hotline at 1-866-922-9006
  2. Provide the necessary details about your warranty
  3. Tell the customer support specialist about your problem
  4. Wait for further instructions

After you make the call, the company will send out a local licensed technician to your home. They should be able to assess the damage and provide a repair or replacement. After the repairs are complete, you have to sign a completion form, and the technician will be paid up to your annual benefit amount.

Is Service Line Warranties of America Legit?

Service Line Warranties has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) for the past 14 years with an A+ rating. It is a legit company and a provider for the League of Cities Service Line Warranty Program.

The company charges low monthly premiums and has no service call fees. Even though it claims to respond to calls immediately, users have complained that the company is slow to send out technicians—even if it’s an emergency.

The fees and process times are often incorrect and delayed, and warranty claims are denied due to late fees.

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DoNotPay will submit the claim in your name and send it to the provider. The customer support or service contractor should contact you for an appointment.

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File an Appeal for Your Denied Warranty Claim With DoNotPay

Home warranty providers are quick to deny your warranty claim. If you don’t act fast after your claim gets rejected, you will lose money. The utility system will also not be repaired, which can lead to further damage to your home. If your warranty claim was rejected by Service Line Warranties of America, DoNotPay has a solution for you! Our app offers an easy way to file an appeal.

You can do it by following these instructions:

  1. Open DoNotPay in your
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  4. Provide the name of the company and details of your denied warranty claim
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Our app will generate an appeal letter and send it to the warranty provider in your name. A customer support rep should contact you soon.

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