Getting Acquainted With the Basics of the Minneapolis Paid Sick Leave

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How Does the Minneapolis Paid Sick Leave Work?

According to the statistics, Minneapolis was one of the first cities in the Midwest to adopt a paid sick time law. These rules propose paid time off for more than 100,000 employees in the area, helping them cope with health issues more smoothly.

Reading our article will help you get familiar with the Minneapolis paid sick leave policy and discover how to take advantage of it. We will also teach you how to leave tiresome call-in-sick correspondence with your boss behind and demand sick days within minutes by !

How Does the Minneapolis Sick Leave Law Work?

In 2017, the city of Minneapolis put into effect the Minneapolis Sick and Safe Time ordinance. It’s a specific law that guarantees paid time off for the eligible employees in companies that count six or more workers. According to these regulations, sick time is also available for businesses with five or fewer employees, but the employer can choose if it will be paid or unpaid.

The payment rate remains regular but excludes:

  • Bonuses
  • Overtime pay
  • Tips
  • Commissions
  • Expense reimbursements
  • Other similar payments

Who Is Eligible for Paid Sick Time in Minneapolis?

The paid time off benefit in Minneapolis is available to all:

  • Part-time employees
  • Full-time employees
  • Temporary workers
  • Paid interns

To qualify for paid sick time, employees must:

  1. Work within the geographic area of Minneapolis
  2. Have worked at least 80 hours in the last 12 months

In What Situations Are You Allowed To Take Paid Sick Leave in Minneapolis?

The Minneapolis Sick and Safe Time ordinance allows employees to take paid time off for their/family members’ medical purposes. The following table provides more details:

Reasons Related to YouReasons Related to Someone Else
  • Suffering an injury
  • Getting sick at work
  • Having a physical or mental illness that requires recovery
  • Seeking medical diagnosis or treatment
  • Receiving preventative care
  • Being a victim of:
    • Stalking
    • Sexual harassment
    • Domestic abuse
  • Supporting a family member who suffers an injury or has a physical or mental illness
  • Caring for a child whose care provider has stopped their services due to a public health emergency
  • Taking care of a family or household member who is a victim of stalking or sexual/domestic abuse

How Much Sick Leave Time Can You Earn in Minneapolis?

Eligible employees in Minneapolis earn one sick and safe time hour for every 30 hours of work. This way, they can accrue 48 sick leave hours in a calendar year.

Workers start earning time off as soon as their employment begins but can start using it only after three months. If they don’t use the earned sick time, these hours can be carried over to the following year.

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