A Guide to Contacting the JetBlue Lost and Found at the JFK International Airport

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Reach the JetBlue Lost and Found at the JFK Airport The Easy Way

Thousands of passengers forget their belongings at the JFK International Airport when boarding a JetBlue airplane or going through the security check. While it may seem like you'll never locate the lost item(s) again, the chances are they were found and deposited in one of the designated departments.

If you need a quick and efficient solution for getting in touch with those offices, our article can help. Learn how to to contact the JetBlue Lost and Found at the JFK Airport and trace your lost wallet, phone, or a lost piece of luggage quickly!

What Should You Do if You Lose Something When Traveling With JetBlue?

Once you notice that you have lost an item during a JetBlue flight or at the JFK airport after landing or boarding, you must:

  1. Determine the exact location where you have left the object—Remembering where you have lost a valuable item isn’t always possible but can help significantly in reporting the incident. If you don’t have any clue where you could have dropped the object in question, you may need to check several different departments, which can be a drawn-out process
  2. Call or email the adequate department and report the loss—The representatives will need all the details you can remember and a thorough description of the missing item. In some cases, your call may get transferred to another rep, or you may need to wait on hold for some time. Sending an email is less time-consuming, but the answering time frame usually depends on the company’s workload
  3. Wait for the final response—The contacted department will check whether someone has found your item and let you know

Note that you should inform the airport/any other responsible agency about the loss as soon as you notice something’s missing. This way, the reps can track down your item faster and prevent it from being shipped off forever.

Whom Can You Contact Regarding a Lost Item?

If you know where at the JFK airport you may have lost the object in question, determining who you should reach out to is simple. The following table helps you find the adequate department depending on the potential place of the incident:

You Lost the Item At/InYou Should ContactContact Info
  • JetBlue’s plane
  • Curb
  • Terminal
JetBlue Lost and Found department (located in their Baggage Service Office)
TSA Passenger Security CheckpointTSA Lost and Found for the JFK airport
  • Phone number:
  • (718) 917-3999 and (718) 751-4001 (for Terminal 4, which operates independently)
  • Online form
Non-terminal areas of the JFK International airport (after or before landing)Port Authority Police (PAP) Lost and Found CustodianPhone number: (718) 244-4225

If your item is at one of the above-mentioned agencies, it will remain there for 30 days only. After that, it will be pronounced unclaimed property or even destroyed, in some cases.

Let DoNotPay Contact the Airport and Look for Your Lost Item

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We will automatically contact the appropriate department!

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