Enter Instant Win Sweepstakes in a Snap

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Instant Win Sweepstakes—What They Are and How To Enter

Sweepstakes are contests similar to raffles where winners are drawn randomly, and they win a prize—cash, a car, or a trip. This article will show you how instant win sweepstakes work and how to sign up for them the easiest way.

Instant Sweepstakes Explained

Instant sweepstakes are organized as regular sweepstakes, but the prize is usually of much lower value. For example, a sweepstake prize may be $10,000, while the instant win prize is usually $5 to $500.

You typically enter online by providing your name, email and physical address, and sometimes a phone number via the company’s website. Unlike sweepstakes that may last for weeks or months until they reveal the winner, instant win sweepstakes, as their name suggests, announce winners instantly. Usually, a window pops up telling you either “better luck next time” or “you’re the winner.” If you’re lucky enough to win, you should also receive an email or text message within a few minutes.

Many companies organize both the regular and the instant win sweepstakes to keep the customers entertained and to attract new ones.

How Is the Sweepstakes Instant Winner Chosen?

Much like other sweepstakes, the winner is chosen randomly. Usually, the organizer picks a time when they will give out a prize, and the person who enters at that time wins.

In addition to asking you for your contact info, some instant win sweepstakes include a game that seems to affect whether you’ll win (e.g., flip a coin or pick a card), but that’s rarely the case. You may also choose to skip the game and still enter the contest and have a chance at winning a prize.

Are There Any Prerequisites To Enter Instant Win Giveaways?

For instant win and other types of sweepstakes, no purchase or payment is a necessary prerequisite as per U.S. law. Many companies may organize sweepstakes and ask the customers to buy an item to enter, but even if you don’t buy anything, you should be allowed to participate in the contest.

While eligibility factors differ, to enter an instant sweepstake, you usually need to:

  1. Be a U.S. citizen (sometimes, people from certain states cannot participate)
  2. Be at least 18 or 21
  3. Provide an email address

Sometimes, you also need to hold a membership or subscription to the company organizing the game, and you may be allowed to enter only once per day or even once per person/email.

DoNotPay—A Fast and Easy Way To Enter Numerous Sweepstake Games

You may find many instant win and other sweepstakes online, but instead of providing your contact info countless times and wondering whether a certain game is a scam, you can rely on DoNotPay!

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If you have a raffle, sweepstake, or an instant win sweepstake in mind, feel free to type out the name, and if the entry is online or mail-based, we may be able to help! Every week, our AI-driven app updates the lengthy list of sweepstakes you can enter, so feel free to check it out for new contests you may win.

Our learning center is a great knowledge base if you want to know more about sweepstakes and similar games, such as:

Tips for Playing Instant Win Sweepstakes and Giveaways

If you want to participate in sweepstakes and similar contests and increase your chances of winning, follow these tips:



Check the requirementsIf you know all the requirements to enter and win, you won’t waste your time entering if you don’t meet the criteria
Enter sweepstakes often
  • For regular sweepstakes, you may set aside the time when you want to enter multiple contests
  • When it comes to instant win sweepstakes, it’s best to enter often since the winner is typically chosen at a certain time
Look for sweepstakes that are not super popularThis means there are fewer entries and higher chances of you winning
Consider the taxesCalculate the taxes that will be deducted from the prize if you win and the taxes you'd have to pay if you won a house from HGTV, for example

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