How To Get a Drexel Application Fee Waiver

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Learn How To Avoid the Drexel Application Fee With DoNotPay

Drexel University is a private research school. Its main campus is located in Philadelphia, PA, and this university is ranked 133rd on the National Universities Best Colleges list.

Drexel college fees are higher than average college tuition. Even though the application fee is affordable, these expenses might still be too high for you. DoNotPay can help you get a fee waiver for the majority of colleges in the U.S., including Drexel.

What Is a College Application Fee Waiver?

Application fee waivers are official requests that students make when they can’t afford to pay the college application fee. An average application fee is around $40, which seems affordable at first glance.

Students tend to apply to more than one college. This strategy increases their chances of admission but imposes a huge financial burden. Most applicants spend around $350 on application fees alone. With college tuition being so high, students have enormous expenses, so anything that eases the financial pressure is welcome.

College application fees can be waived if the student qualifies, so you should check the fee waiver eligibility criteria before applying to universities.

If you are eligible for a fee waiver, you’ll need proof of your financial situation. In most cases, including Drexel, a counselor’s signature on your fee waiver request form is strong proof.

How Much Will Drexel Application Fee Cost You?

The Drexel application fee is $50, and it’s non-refundable. Drexel allows its applicants to pay online via:

Who Is Eligible for a Drexel Application Fee Waiver?

Drexel approves fee waiver requests to its applicants based on the students’ financial status. The following students can qualify:

  • Students who are children of Drexel staff
  • Applicants who are U.S. veterans or depend on them
  • Participants of the summer program
  • Residents of Pennsylvania
  • Students who have acquired an ACT or SAT fee waiver
  • Applicants who fulfill one or more of the economic need indicators

The economic need indicators are visible on the fee waiver request form, which you can find on the Drexel application page.

How To Get a Drexel University Application Fee Waiver by Yourself

The table below contains the overview of how you can apply for the Drexel application fee waiver:

Can You Request a Fee Waiver ViaYes/No
Common or Coalition ApplicationYes
Drexel Fee Waiver Application FormYes
School VisitNo

Apply for the Drexel Application Fee Waiver via the Common or Coalition Application

To request the fee waiver via the Common Application or the Coalition Application, you’ll need to indicate your status when filling the application form.

Follow the steps below to get a Common App fee waiver:

  1. Go to the Drexel application page
  2. Scroll down and click on Common Application button
  3. Tap on Apply for First-Year or Apply for transfer
  4. Fill out the application and go to your profile
  5. Select Common App Fee Waiver
  6. Request a fee waiver

If you decide to apply to Drexel via the Coalition Application, you can do it this way:

  1. Visit the Drexel application page
  2. Find the button Coalition Application and click on it
  3. Tap on Create a MyCoalition Account
  4. Fill out your application form
  5. Indicate that you want to get a fee waiver
  6. Answer a few questions about your financial situation
  7. Submit your application

You’ll be able to obtain the fee waiver if you can provide proof of your economic need.

Fill Out the Drexel Application Fee Waiver Form To Request a Fee Waiver

To request a fee waiver using the university’s application form, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Drexel application page
  2. Download the Application Fee Waiver Form
  3. Print out the form and fill it out
  4. Obtain your counselor’s signature
  5. Submit the form with the rest of your documentation

Obtain the Drexel University Application Fee Waiver With the Help of DoNotPay

DoNotPay created a feature that helps future students request college application fee waivers. With DoNotPay, you can submit a fee waiver within five minutes while never leaving your home, even if you need your high school counselor’s help.

Our AI bots will fill out your fee waiver request form and mail it to the university’s financial aid office. If you need to obtain your high school counselor’s signature, we will take care of this task too. You should know that our feature works for any college in the U.S.

The three types of fee waivers DoNotPay can help with are:

  • New Student Application Fee Waivers
  • Transfer Student Fee Waivers
  • Enrollment Deposit Fee Waivers

How To Have the Drexel Application Fee Waived via DoNotPay

Obtaining application fee waivers with DoNotPay is the easiest process you’ll ever go through. You’ll only need a DoNotPay account, which you can create in any . Follow the steps below to acquire your Drexel application fee waiver fast:

  1. Open DoNotPay and select College Application Fee Waiver
  2. Select one of the three types of fee waivers
  3. Type in the name of the college you’re applying to and provide information about your financial situation
  4. Specify if you’d like us to obtain your counselor’s signature

After you provide the necessary information, DoNotPay will fill out the request form automatically and complete the process according to your instructions. We will either send the application to your high school counselor for their signature or to the university’s financial aid office directly.

Can You Get More Out of DoNotPay?

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