How to Find Paid Clinical Trials and Studies In Philadelphia

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How to Find Paid Clinical Trials and Studies In Philadelphia

Living in Philadelphia and searching for clinical trials nearby? Pennsylvania offers many options for people who want to enroll in medical surveys, paid clinical trials for healthy volunteers, or any other type of medical research.

Besides assisting you in canceling numerous services such as Humana insurance or NextCare, DoNotPay can also help you find clinical trials and apply for them within minutes.

Clinical Trials Explained—Clinical Trials Definition & Crucial Aspects of Clinical Studies

Before explaining how to enroll in a clinical trial, it’s important to define clinical trials and learn about the types and phases of each study so that you know how to choose the right one.

Clinical trials are a crucial part of every medical research because they offer a better understanding of how a certain drug, treatment, or medical device will affect the patients.

They can also provide answers about a particular illness, disorder, or genetic predisposition for a health issue.

What Are Clinical Trial Phases?

Each study is conducted in five clinical trial phases:

  1. Phase 0
  2. Phase I
  3. Phase II
  4. Phase III
  5. Phase IV

The first four phases need to be successful for a drug to be approved and available for public use.

These phases are created to test a drug’s safety, side-effects, ideal dosage, and how it compares to the treatments already in use.

The early stages of clinical trials include a minimal number of people. They also bring the highest risk of side effects and higher compensation in case the trial is paid.

Types of Clinical Studies

Once you find a clinical study in Philadelphia that you could be interested in, you’ll need to read the protocol that includes all the essential details about the trial. The first information you’ll notice is the type of trial.

You should know what each type is to decide whether it’s a good choice for you.

These are some of the most frequent types of medical studies in Philadelphia:

  • Treatment—examining new drugs, treatments, or devices that could be a better solution than the ones already in use
  • Prevention—testing the best ways to prevent disease with certain drugs, vitamins, lifestyle changes, and similar
  • Diagnostic—improving tests and procedures used for early diagnosis
  • Screening—improving the process of identification of an illness or condition
  • Observational—examining how the lifestyle of volunteers influences their health

Find Philadelphia Clinical Trials Easily With DoNotPay

If you’d like to participate in clinical trials in Philadelphia or any other part of the country, DoNotPay will help you find and apply for as many clinical studies as you want in a few minutes:

  1. Access your account from a
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  5. Click on Contact Now

DoNotPay will list the best clinical trials according to your preferences, thanks to our cutting-edge matching algorithm.

By clicking on the Contact Now button, you allow us to send the application to the researchers on your behalf and maximize your enrollment chances.

Are There Other Options for Finding Philadelphia Medical Studies?

You can also find clinical studies in Philadelphia by visiting the following websites:


  1. Click on the Patients button
  2. Type in the medical condition you’re suffering from
  3. Type in Philadelphia in the location section
  4. Click on the Search button

Penn Medicine

  1. Type in your medical condition
  2. Click on the Search button
  3. Set up the filters on the left side of your dashboard
  4. Select the trial you like
  5. Complete the form at the bottom of the webpage

Main Line Health

  1. Click on Research in the upper right corner
  2. Click on Clinical trials on the right side of your dashboard
  3. Set up the filers
  4. Click on the Filter button, the World Health Organization (WHO), and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) are also popular alternatives for finding clinical trials in Philadelphia and other cities in the U.S.

Why Is DoNotPay the Best Option?

Using our app to find clinical studies in your area is the best choice because of the useful features this convenient tool has to offer.

DoNotPay will help you save a lot of time by listing only the studies that fit your preferences and contacting the researchers for you.

Our database has a variety of clinical trials, surveys, and university studies. You can find a study you like, regardless of your age, condition, or location.

We update the database regularly and always offer the newest studies in your area.

Use our handy bookmark feature for the trials you’d like to apply for in the future. Another perk is that you can sign up to receive text notifications as soon as there’s a new clinical trial near your preferred location.

We can help you find various clinical trials in every city in America, including:

DoNotPay helps you stay up-to-date with clinical studies and be one of the first volunteers to apply.

Pros & Cons of Participating in Medical Studies in Philadelphia

Whichever condition you’re suffering from, participating in clinical trials can be an excellent solution to finding a drug that could help you and other patients.

The safest option is to participate in clinical trials close to your home because of potential side effects that could affect your driving abilities or make you sick.

If you dislike taking medication, you can participate in other types of medical studies. Surveys are the easiest form of clinical research, but they are also paid the least.

To help you decide if you should enroll, here’s a short overview of the pros and cons of taking part in a clinical trial:

Clinical trials can be beneficial for patients who haven’t had luck with other treatmentsEarly stages can be risky because of the side-effects
You can get decent compensation Clinical trials can sometimes last a few months
You will be a part of important research and potentially help science move forwardIt can be challenging to enroll
Most of the surveys or observational studies are fun
You get to share your experience—this is super useful for psychedelic clinical trials
You could have an opportunity to try out cool medical devices

Bear in mind that every clinical trial is different and that you should read the protocol before enrolling to get to know all potential side effects, duration, compensation, etc.

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