BWI Airport Lost and Found Department—All You Should Know About Getting in Touch With Them

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Reaching Out to BWI Airport Lost and Found Office With No Hassle

Did you know that travelers lose around 1,200 items per month while going through the Baltimore/Washington International Airport (BWI)? Many people get distracted by the crowd and forget their phones, wallets, or other valuable objects all around the area.

If you have experienced the same issue, this guide will explain how to get in touch with the BWI Airport Lost and Found office. It will also teach you how to to speed up the reporting process and solve the matter before your item gets lost for good.

What To Do if You Lose an Item at a BWI Airport

The first step you should take once you realize you have lost something at the BWI Airport is to report the incident. You should do it as soon as you notice that the item is missing.

The department you must contact depends on the place where you believe you lost the object. You should reach out to:

  • The specific airline you traveled with—if the item was lost in an airplane or the boarding area
  • Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Lost and Found office—if the item was lost at the security checkpoint area
  • BWI Airport shuttle bus service—if your item may have remained in a shuttle bus
  • SP+ Parking Service—if the object was lost in one of the airport’s parking lots or garages
  • BWI Airport Lost and Found Office—if the item was left at any other area within the airport

If you aren’t sure where you may have left the item, you have to get in touch with all the above-mentioned facilities and:

  1. Describe the object you lost in as much detail as possible
  2. Provide the necessary info related to your ticket and flight
  3. Leave your contact details so that the company can call/email you if they have any updates

Valuable Baltimore Airport Lost and Found Contact Information

Since you may need to communicate with multiple organizations in case of a lost item, we share the contact info for all of them in the table below:

CompanyContact Details
Air carriersCan be found for each particular airline at the official BWI airport web page
Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Lost and Found departmentPhone number: (410) 689-3620
BWI Airport shuttle bus servicePhone number: (410) 684-3346
SP+ ParkingPhone number: (410) 859-9230
BWI Airport Lost and Found department
  • Phone number: (410) 859-7387
  • Email address:
  • Electronic form

DoNotPay Gets in Touch With the Airport in Your Stead

Tracking down the lost item or missing luggage takes a lot of effort and includes numerous phone calls or emails. If one of the agencies/departments finds what you lost, but you don’t manage to claim it within a specified deadline, the items may be shipped off and gone for good. For this reason, it’s vital to act quickly, and there’s no better way to speed up the process than subscribing to DoNotPay!

With our app, you don’t need to dial countless phone numbers or engage in endless back-and-forth email correspondence. We can get in touch with the airport in your stead and increase your chances of getting the lost item back.

Here’s how you should proceed:

  1. and log in to your account
  2. Select the Find Lost Airport Items product
  3. Provide our chatbot with the crucial info, such as:
    1. Airport name
    2. Date of the incident
    3. A thorough description of the object you have lost

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