Boston Mobile Notary—A Friend or a Foe?

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Is a Boston Mobile Notary the Right Choice for You?

In this day and age, nobody wants to waste countless hours getting documents notarized. Instead of using the traditional notarization method, Boston citizens often choose to hire a mobile notary and complete the procedure much faster.

But is hiring a Boston mobile notary the perfect solution? If you need more information on how mobile notaries operate and what they do to facilitate notarization—look no further. DoNotPay will break down mobile notary services in Boston and offer an even more practical alternative!

How Do Mobile Notaries in Boston Work?

Mobile notaries in Boston travel to different locations to witness the signing of documents—including wills, trusts, affidavits, and medical consent forms—or perform the following acts:

  • Taking acknowledgments
  • Administering oaths and affirmations
  • Certifying copies
  • Issuing subpoenas or summonses for witnesses

If you choose to hire a mobile notary in Boston to notarize your document, you will have to:

  1. Find a mobile notary
  2. Set up a meeting at a time and location that suits you
  3. Prepare the documents and your ID
  4. Sign the document in the notary’s presence
  5. Have the document notarized with a signature and a stamp

Where Can a Mobile Notary Meet Me?

Mobile notaries are convenient because they will meet their clients at any agreed-upon location. You can ask a mobile notary to come to:

  • Your home or office
  • A nearby park, parking lot, or anywhere outdoors
  • A nursing home, prison, or hospital

Bear in mind that mobile notaries charge extra for travel expenses on top of a regular fee. Massachusetts doesn’t put a cap on mobile notaries’ travel fees, which means you can end up paying a large sum.

Where To Find a Mobile Notary in Boston?

The crucial element of finding a reliable mobile notary is exploring your options. You can do that by visiting notary-search websites. They typically display the following details:

  • Contact information
  • Business hours
  • Short description of the mobile notary’s experience and services they perform
  • Commission start and expiration date
  • Customer’s reviews (optional)

You can turn to one of the following online notary-search databases for help:

Most of the websites require you to:

  1. Enter the state, city, and ZIP code in the search field
  2. Adjust the filters or scroll down to find mobile notaries among the results
  3. Click on the required link to access the contact and other information

Can I Have My Documents Notarized Online in Boston?

As of 2020, the State of Massachusetts has allowed remote online notarization due to the COVID-19 outbreak. This method enables you to complete the whole procedure from your home on a video call with the notary.

The most important requirements for online notarization in Massachusetts involve the following:

  1. Using Zoom and Cisco Webex online platforms for virtual appointments
  2. Being physically present in Massachusetts at the time of the videoconference (both the notary and the signer)
  3. Signing the documents in wet ink (most other states allow electronic signatures)
  4. Recording the notarization session and keeping the recording for ten years

You don’t have to look for mobile notaries, overpay for their travel expenses, and risk your health during the pandemic. Online notarization is a far more practical option, and DoNotPay will help you schedule an appointment with an online notary in no time!

Make an Online Notary Appointment With DoNotPay

Our app is your trusted assistant for getting documents notarized as effortlessly as possible. You need to and follow these steps first:

  1. Enter Notarize Any Document in the search field
  2. Upload your document
  3. Type in your email address

Shortly after completing the required steps, you’ll get a link from us. Follow it to schedule an appointment with an online notary. After that, you can meet the notary online, sign the document, and download it after the notarization.

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