Hit With The “You've Made Too Many Phone Verification Requests” Error? Try This Fix!

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Hit With The “You've Made Too Many Phone Verification Requests” Error? Try This Fix!

Certain websites or services such as ChatGPT require phone verification for consumers to use their product. But if you fail to verify your phone number too many times, you can encounter this error message that reads

When you see this message, you aren’t able to verify your account using your phone for the time being. The bright side is that you have a golden opportunity to learn about a great service in DoNotPay that can help you beyond your current phone number woes.

What Is The “You've Made Too Many Phone Verification Requests” Error?

“You’ve made too many phone verification requests.” is an error that prohibits you from using your phone number to get verified on ChatGPT. Normally, you cannot use that phone number to register for an account for 24 to 48 hours.

You’ll need, at most, 48 hours to pass since the first time you’ve seen the error message. If you cannot wait to use ChatGPT until then, there are other methods you could try to get around this roadblock.

Can I Use Another Phone Number Other Than My Own To Get Verified?

You certainly can! According to ChatGPT’s developer, OpenAI, there are certain kinds of phone numbers that you cannot use to get verified. These include:

  • Landline numbers
  • VoIP provider numbers
  • Google Voice numbers
  • Premium numbers

OpenAI states in their help FAQs that each of these types of numbers is prohibited from verification as they are all susceptible to fraud or abuse. In other words, they are commonly used by robocallers and scammers to take advantage of companies or other users.

What’s My Best Option For Getting Around “You've Made Too Many Phone Verification Requests”?

Fortunately, you can get a fake phone number from many different apps, websites and services. However, the one we most recommend is DoNotPay.

With , you’re guaranteed to get a working phone number for ChatGPT, and it may not be the case with other fake phone number apps. Additionally, DoNotPay will erase the number shortly after it’s available to you, meaning it’s completely untraceable to potential robocallers.

Best of all, you can get started with ChatGPT right now and not need to wait an additional day or two. Let’s compare DoNotPay to other temporary phone number websites:

Other Competitors
Price Very cheapVaries
Success Rate100%Varies
SecurityUntraceable after 10 minutesUnknown

Needless to say, there’s so much uncertainty to choose a free or paid phone number website or app. DoNotPay can get you registered onto ChatGPT quickly for just one low, flat monthly rate.

How Do I Get Verified With DoNotPay?

can help you get through to ChatGPT very easily! Simply sign up for ChatGPT like before, and once you need to enter a phone number, follow these simple steps:

  • Log onto DoNotPay and click on the Burner Phone product.
  • Type “ChatGPT” in the prompt. Then click on “Create a temporary number”.
  • Obtain your temporary phone number and enter it into ChatGPT’s “Verify your phone number” prompt.
  • Check your phone for a text message containing the validation code.
  • Obtain the code and enter it into ChatGPT’s validation code prompt.

And with this, you should be good to go! While subscribed to DoNotPay, consider using the Burner Phone product for other occasions and make the most of it!

What Else Does DoNotPay’s Burner Phone Product Help With?

You can use DoNotPay’s Burner Phone product on any type of website, app, service or video game that requires phone verification.

The reason this product exists is for consumers to fight back against corporations that may be giving 3rd party associates personal data without the consumer’s permission or consent. Using a DoNotPay number prevents possible robocalls and spam from interacting with the consumer’s real number in the future.

Examples of websites and applications that our Burner Phone product works on include:

Aside from our Burner Phone product, we also have AI and Virtual Card services to help consumers with daunting tasks they might face from other corporations, individuals, or governing bodies.

Regardless of what other DoNotPay products you try, you’ll still be paying only a low, fixed monthly fee, making our service a surprisingly great value!

Consider DoNotPay today and get assistance with:

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