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How To File Whirlpool Complaints and Put Pressure on the Company To Resolve Your Issue

Whirlpool is a home appliance company with over 3,000 manufacturing and sales facilities in 90 countries. The company has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau despite a long history of complaints.

Customers who experience issues with their product are directed to call the company's customer service line, which is staffed by undertrained personnel with poor English skills.

Another major problem with the Whirlpool Corporation is the fact that the warranties the company provides often vary from product to product. In practice, this means that Whirlpool may decide whether or not your appliance is still under warranty.

After providing you with instructions on how to get the appliance repaired, the company will often inform you that you are responsible for covering the repair costs.

Customers have also reported that Whirlpool charges an excessive amount for repair services and, even worse, regularly refuses to repair or replace defective products.

If you're having issues with Whirlpool, we'll show you how to file Whirlpool complaints and take the company to small claims court if you exhaust all other options.

How To File an Official Whirlpool Compliant

If you've encountered a problem with one of the appliances you purchased from Whirlpool or the company's services, you can contact the customer service by phone at 1-866-698-2538 or fill out a contact form on the official Whirlpool website.

The waiting times are around 10 minutes, but the problem is that most customer service representatives are not trained in English. They frequently don't understand what you are trying to tell them, such as the fact that an appliance is broken, that the warranty has expired, and that your product needs repair or replacement.

A viable alternative is sending a complaint letter to the company's corporate office mail at:

Whirlpool Customer Service 553 Benson Road Benton Harbor, MI 49022

If you are lucky enough to speak with a supervisor, the best thing you can do is provide proof that your appliance is defective.

When you contact the company's customer service representatives, they may tell you to take your appliance to an authorized service center or that you're having a problem with an electrical component.

If this happens, you can use this evidence to show that the product is faulty and ask the company for a replacement or repair within a reasonable time frame.

How To Contact Whirlpool Customer Service for Complaints
MailWhirlpool Customer Service

553 Benson Road

Benton Harbor, MI 49022

TwitterWhirlpool Care

How To File Whirlpool Refrigerator Complaints

If you can't resolve the issue by talking to the company's representatives, you should consider filing a Whirlpool complaint with one of the agencies tasked with protecting consumer rights:

  • The Federal Trade Commission (FTC)
  • The Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  • The Consumer Protection Agency (CPA)
  • The National Advertising Division (NAD)
  • The New York State Attorney General's Office
  • The North Carolina State Consumer Protection Bureau (NCSCPB)

Many of these agencies have an online complaint form that you can fill out and submit, which will help them to evaluate your situation and to determine whether your claim is legitimate.

File Whirlpool Customer Complaints With the FTC

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is the government agency tasked with protecting consumers' rights to enforce their agreements and resolve complaints. The FTC handles more than 150,000 consumer complaints each year.

If you have credible reason to believe Whirlpool has engaged in any fraudulent activity, you can report the company to the FTC using this link.

File Whirlpool Service Complaints With The Better Business Bureau (BBB)

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is an independent organization that monitors businesses for consumer complaints. You can file your complaint with the BBB through this online form.

The Bureau will contact Whirlpool on your behalf, but the company may try to persuade the Bureau that you're responsible for the problem since Whirlpool's sales and service representatives are working under an incentive program—they receive a commission for each repair or replacement they perform.

Are Your Whirlpool Complaints Being Ignored? Send Demand Letters To Whirlpool in Small Claims Court

If the company refuses to resolve your issue and replace or repair your product, and you have proof that the product is faulty, you can send demand letters to Whirlpool in small claims court.

The process works the same way as for other types of disputes, but there are a few things to consider when suing a corporation:

  • Be sure to read about the rules and procedures specific to your state
  • Determine whether the company has registered its business with your state's Secretary of State and if it has an office within that state
  • Obtain the company's financial information from public records
  • Try to gather evidence that the company has caused you financial damage, such as receipts or invoices for repairs, replacement costs and so on
  • Find out whether the company has a department that you can speak with in case of a dispute
  • Think about using a lawyer to represent you in court

If you're adamant about suing Whirlpool in small claims court, keep in mind that you'll have to draft a professional demand letter and serve it to the company. The demand letter notifies the company that you're pursuing action and gives Whirlpool one final chance to resolve your complaint before the case reaches trial.

The demand letter must include the following:

  • Your name, address and phone number
  • The nature of your dispute and the specific injury you want the company to resolve
  • Proof that you're suffering financial loss as a result of the defective product
  • The name and office address of the company's secretary
  • A statement explaining how your product has caused you financial loss
  • A demand for payment in full of any repairs or replacement costs, plus interest for each day that the problem was left unresolved

If Whirlpool fails to respond to the demand letter within 30 days or refuses to provide the requested remedy, you can file a lawsuit in small claims court. You can file the lawsuit through your local small claim court's website or in person with the court's clerk.

When Your Whirlpool Customer Service Complaints Fall on Deaf Ears, Send Demand Letters To Whirlpool With the Help of DoNotPay

Putting together a case against Whirlpool and filing court documentation is a complex and time-consuming process. To make matters worse, you might need to hire a lawyer and spend more money on the process that you’d like to.

Thanks to DoNotPay, you can keep that cash in your pocket. Our app will help you get the justice you deserve without dealing with bureaucracy or spending thousands on lawyers that specialize in small claims.

Our AI-powered app will assist you in suing Whirlpool in small claims court by filling out all the necessary court documentation and creating a demand letter in minutes!

All you need to do is take the following steps:

  1. Sign in to your and click on the Complaint Letters product
  2. Let us know how much money Whirlpool owes you
  3. Select the reason for your lawsuit
  4. Answer our bot’s questions and include any evidence that may help us build your case

Once you have completed the form, we will use your information to create a professional demand letter. We will then send it to Whirlpool on your behalf and put pressure on them to resolve the complaint in a timely manner.

If the company doesn’t provide you with a response within 30 days or if they refuse to compensate you, DoNotPay will help you take them to small claims court.

We can also help you file a complaint with NCL, Lyft, eBay, Nike, Asurion, U-Haul, Green Dot, and many other companies.

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