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How To File Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) Complaints

Norwegian Cruise Line is one of the most controversial cruise lines in the world. There are countless complaints against the company, with most travelers stating that they have not had a pleasant experience.

In addition, there are also reported cases of bad business practices with NCL on their ships, and lawsuits against the company are commonplace.

If you have been ripped off by the cruise line or the company has otherwise wronged you on your vacation, this article will answer your questions about filing an NCL complaint.

If you can't resolve the dispute with the company, we'll also show you how to take legal action against NCL in small claims court.

Norwegian Cruise Line Complaint Department—How To File a Complaint

If you want to alert the company of an unpleasant experience you've had on your cruise, you can call the customer service number at 00800-0310-21-21 or submit your complaint using the post-cruise feedback form.

If you've already arrived at the destination where your cruise will be departing from, there is a similar post-cruise feedback form at your port of departure. When filling out either of these forms, make sure to provide as many details as possible, as this will help expedite your complaint and allow the company to handle it better.

The company has been known to respond to complaints within 30 days of filing and generally resolves the complaint.

How To Contact NCL Customer Service
MailNorwegian Cruise Line Guest Relations, 7665 Corporate Centre Drive Miami, Florida 33126
TwitterCruise Norwegian

How To File Norwegian Cruise Complaints

If you don't hear back from NCL within a month of filing your complaint or if the company refuses to address it, you can file your complaint with the local U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency or the Consumer Protection Agency of your state.

You can also contact one of the agencies in charge of protecting customer rights:

  • The Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  • The Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

File Norwegian Cruise Line Complaints With the BBB

You can file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) by calling 1-800-942-8228 or filling out the online form on the Bureau’s website.

The Bureau will then investigate your complaint and will publish the results of its investigation on its website. When the investigation is complete, the company will be notified of the results, and a final decision will then be made.

File Norwegian Cruise Line Complaints With The FTC

If you believe that the company has defrauded you or engaged in illegal business activities, you report NCL to the Federal Trade Commission through the Report Fraud online form.

The FTC will investigate your complaint and, if necessary, take legal action against the company. It will then publish its findings on its site, and the company will be notified of its decision.

Does Customer Service Keep Putting Your NCL Complaints on Hold? Sue NCL in Small Claims Court

If NCL ignores your complaint or outright refuses to address it or compensate you for the damages done, you can sue the company in small claims court.

Keep in mind that you will have to prove that NCL 's actions caused you damages and provide strong evidence to support your claim.

You can also take legal action in federal court against NCL in cases where you believe that the company has violated your legal rights or committed fraudulent business practices.

You can start the legal process by submitting a legal complaint through an online form on your local small claims court's website. If one isn't available, you can either mail the complaint or visit the court in person and submit it with the court clerk's office.

You'll also need to draft a demand letter to notify NCL of your intent to sue. The demand letter must be professionally written and needs to include the following information:

  • Your name and contact information
  • A detailed description of your incident(s) with the company
  • Details, dates, and amounts of any losses (including travel, accommodation costs, lost revenue, etc.)
  • Witnesses/evidence that can confirm the event(s) happened
  • Proof that your incident with NCL was due to their negligence.
  • Copy of your complaint if you have already filed one.
  • A statement that you are ready to take legal action against the company and will do so within ten days if it does not comply with your demands.

Once you've drafted the letter, send it to the company as well as any witnesses who can confirm your claims.

If NCL refuses to accept your demands or doesn't respond, the case will go to court. If a judge rules in your favor, the company will have to pay you compensation and reimburse you.

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