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How To File a Lyft Complaint and Get the Compensation You Deserve

Lyft is a ridesharing company that provides on-demand transportation services, but they are not without their faults.

Common complaints against Lyft include:

● Wait time in order to connect with a driver after being matched

● Driver arriving late or informing the rider that they were not at the right location

● Rude or unprofessional drivers

● Drivers giving incorrect information about drop off locations or refusing to drop off riders at desired locations

Some users even believe that Lyft is intentionally covering up the complaints made against them in order to attract new customers.

Although Lyft offers an in-app feature that allows users to report issues, this is considered substandard as it forces customers to leave a comment and provide details of their complaints before filling out a feedback form.

The main issues users have with Lyft revolve around the app crashing continuously, the lack of drivers in their areas, and the long waiting times due to inaccurate GPS coordinates and lack of communication between the drivers and the customers.

If you've had unpleasant experiences with the company, this article will show you how to file a complaint with Lyft and, if your complaint doesn't get resolved, escalate the matter and take the company to small claims court.

How To File Official Lyft Complaints

Whether you would like to complain about a Lyft driver, an issue with the phone app, or the company as a whole, you have several options at your disposal.

The easiest way to share your experience is by leaving feedback through the phone app. After logging into your account, tap the "Report a driver" button or "Report a serious matter." Explain the issue in as much detail as possible, and the company will investigate the matter.

If your Lyft experience was unsatisfactory, you could then proceed to file an official customer service complaint. This can be done through the website or by calling the customer support phone number at 631-201-5938.

If your Lyft driver has been involved in an accident and you want to report it, follow the instructions on this page to let the company know.

The company usually responds to complaints within 24 hours, but some users have reported that it can take longer. When the company has finished investigating your complaint, they will inform you of the result.

How To File Complaints With Lyft
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How To File a Complaint With Lyft

If you are not satisfied with the results of the investigation, or if you do not hear back from Lyft at all within a week, you can file a complaint against Lyft through:

  • The Better Business Bureau website (BBB)
  • The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC)
  • Small Claims Court (available if the damages you are seeking are under $5,000)

Filing a Lyft Complaint With the BBB

The Better Business Bureau is an organization that monitors the activities of businesses and provides them with a certain rating based on the number and severity of complaints submitted.

Filing a complaint with the BBB is easy and free. All you have to do is fill out this online form, provide information about your complaint, and submit your complaint in order for it to be processed.

After the Bureau investigates your complaint, they will investigate the matter and determine whether Lyft is at fault. If they determine that the company is at fault, they will post inspection results and a rating on their website.

Filing a Lyft Complaint With the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC)

Lyft's corporate headquarters are in San Francisco, California, so the company falls under the jurisdiction of the California Public Utilities Commission.

The CPUC is charged with administering and enforcing laws related to utilities and contracting services. To file a complaint against Lyft with the CPUC, download the instructions and forms from this page, provide details of the complaint, and pay a filing fee.

After your complaint has been reviewed, you will receive an official letter notifying you of the results. If Lyft is found to be at fault, the CPUC will notify the company of the complaint and any necessary penalties.

Is Your Lyft Complaint About a Driver Being Ignored? Send Demand Letters To Lyft in Small Claims Court

If you've contacted both the Better Business Bureau and the CPUC regarding an issue with Lyft, but your complaint still isn't resolved, you can take the company to small claims court.

To start the process against Lyft, you need to fill out the small claims court form and provide details about your case. You can do this by visiting your local courthouse, calling the court to schedule an appointment, or submitting the necessary paperwork through the court's online form.

You'll also need to create a demand letter and serve it to Lyft. The demand letter must include the following information:

  • Your name and contact information
  • The name, address, and contact information of the company you are filing against
  • A detailed description of your case (including the time, date, the driver's name, and their contact information)
  • An itemized list of all damages you've suffered
  • Time and date for your hearing

After sending the demand letter via certified mail, the company will have 14 days to settle the case. If the company does not respond within 14 days or offer a counter-offer, you can proceed with your court hearing. To do this, drop off the form along with any documents that support your claim at the court clerk's office.

A hearing will be set for 30 days from the date of your request. At this point, you will have to present evidence that Lyft has wronged you. In many cases, Lyft customers have successfully taken the company to small claims court and won significant amounts of money as a result.

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