Is the Varo Virtual Card for You?

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8 Facts You Should Know About the Varo Virtual Debit Card

Varo's mobile banking app offers many benefits over a brick-and-mortar bank, but it has its limitations. The Varo virtual debit card is a benefit that some Varo bank members can enjoy, but the Varo virtual debit card has limitations too. We will be looking at the and how you can get one if it meets your needs. Then we will take a look at a whole new kind of virtual card offered by DoNotPay.

What Benefits Varo Has to Offer

If you are looking for a mobile banking application, might be the one for you. Here are some of the benefits you will be able to take advantage of when you open an account at Varo.

Varo Account
Monthly FeesNo
Minimum BalanceNo
Hidden FeesNo
High Yield Savings AccountYes
Direct DepositsYes (delivered two days early)
Allpoint ATMsNo Fees
Save ChangesAutomatic Saving
Varo PerksCashbacks

The Varo Virtual Debit Card

When you apply for a Varo mobile bank account, Varo will send you a debit card by mail. Some who apply for an account will be provided a virtual card to use until their physical card arrives. The help setting does not provide any insight as to who is approved or how. To be approved for a Varo bank account you must meet these general requirements.

  1. US citizen
  2. Over 18 years old
  3. Provide valid photo ID if requested
  4. Provide your Social Security number

The Cost of a Varo Virtual Debit Card

There is no monthly fee for a Varo account, no minimum balance, and there is no charge for getting a Varo debit card when your account is approved. There is also no fee for obtaining a digital debit card. There does have to be funding in the account to be able to use the card to pay bills or make purchases.

Using the Varo Virtual Debit Card

The Varo digital debit card can be used for online shopping and bill pay, bill pay by phone, and it can be added to your digital wallet easily for use anywhere Google Pay or Apple Pay is accepted. You can use your digital debit card until your physical card arrives.

If you need to order a replacement card, your lost, stolen, or damaged card will be deactivated while you wait for the new one. Your digital card will have a completely different number from your physical card so it will remain active while you wait for your new card unless you put a freeze on it.

How to Get a Varo Virtual Debit Card?

These are the steps you should take if you would like to open a which includes access to a physical debit card and digital debit card.

  1. Search in the application store for your mobile device (Google Play Store or Apple Store) for the Varo app.
  2. Download and install the app.
  3. When you open the app you will be asked to sign in or make an account. When you make an account you are completing an application to open a banking account with Varo.
  4. Once your account has been approved, you can log into the app to see if there is a notification telling you that you are approved for instant access to your account.
  5. When you follow the link it will walk you through accessing the digital debit card for your account.

DoNotPay Offers a Virtual Free Trial Card

The virtual card offered by DoNotPay is different from other virtual cards. The DoNotPay virtual free trial card allows you to take advantage of free trials and other offers without having to provide your bank account information. You will not have to worry about forgetting to cancel a free trial on time again using this card.

The virtual free trial card is never linked to an account, so you won't be charged when your trial is over. This card doesn't stop there. When your free trial is up, DoNotPay can cancel the subscription for you so that you are not overwhelmed with emails to update your card information.

Where You Can Use a Virtual Free Trial Card From DoNotPay

The virtual free trial card gives you the ability to take advantage of free trial offers without giving out your banking information. These are a few of the places you can use a virtual free trial card with ease.

DoNotPay Lets You Do Even More

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