All You Need To Know About TAMU University Scholarship Programs

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A Complete Guide to Getting a TAMU University Scholarship

Texas A&M University is one of the top-rated universities in the U.S., and TAMU University scholarship awards are always highly coveted. While there are numerous scholarships and grants available to aspiring and continuing TAMU students, it can take days to sift through each option before you find one that’s perfect for you!

Struggling to find scholarships and gather enough information about college scholarships in general is common. You can skip the hassle completely and the easy way!

What Types of TAMU University Scholarships Are There?

Texas A&M University offers a few different options you might want to check out before submitting a TAMU University scholarship application. These scholarships are for:

  1. Incoming freshmen
  2. Continuing students
  3. International students
  4. Professionals
  5. Transfer students
  6. Graduate students

Each scholarship category is further divided into university scholarships, additional scholarships, and regional scholarships.

Which TAMU Scholarships Can You Apply for as a Freshman?

If you are a high school senior looking to go to college soon, it’s a good idea to start looking for scholarships as early as possible. Future TAMU freshmen can opt for a few different types of university scholarships.

These are the scholarships available to TAMU freshmen:

  • Academic scholarships
  • Academic achievement scholarships
  • College and department scholarships
  • Craig and Galen Brown Foundation Scholarship
  • Dependent Children of Texas A&M Employee Scholarship
  • Foundation Excellence Award
  • Opportunity Award
  • Veterans scholarships
  • Scholarships for out-of-state students
  • McAllen Higher Education Center Scholarships
  • Century Scholars Program
  • Greater Texas Foundation Aggie Scholars Program
  • National Scholars
  • Regents' Scholars Program
  • Terry Foundation Scholars
  • Texas Armed Services Scholarship Program

Texas residents can participate in the Collegiate Licence Plate program or the Highest Ranking Graduate program as well.

How To Apply for TAMU Scholarships

Each scholarship has different requirements and application policies. You should go to the university website, locate the scholarship that matches your requirements the most, and follow the provided procedure to apply.

It’s not as easy as it sounds, though. A lot of the steps in a scholarship application process can take hours to complete. Most programs require you to submit scholarship essays and letters of recommendation. If writing essays is not your thing, you can consider finding no-essay scholarships.

Deadlines for TAMU University Freshman Scholarships

The TAMU scholarship application deadlines for programs available to freshmen are listed below:

Academic scholarshipsDecember 1Up to four years
Academic achievement scholarshipsDecember 1Up to four years
College and department scholarshipsVariesVaries
Craig and Galen Brown Foundation ScholarshipDecember 1Up to four years
Dependent Children of Texas A&M Employee ScholarshipDecember 11–4 years
Foundation Excellence AwardDecember 1Varies
Opportunity AwardAugust 1–December 11–4 years
Veterans scholarshipsDecember 1Varies
Scholarships for out-of-state studentsDecember 1Up to four years
McAllen Higher Education Center ScholarshipsMarch 1Up to four years

What Is the TAMU Continuing Student Scholarship?

TAMU scholarships for continuing students are available to students who have been enrolled in—and completed—one or more semesters at Texas A&M University. University scholarships available to continuing students include:

Academic Excellence AwardsFebruary 1One year
Aggie Ring Scholarship ProgramOctober 15–February 1Varies
College and department scholarshipsVariesVaries
Dependent Children of Texas A&M Employee ScholarshipsFebruary 11–4 years
Foundation Excellence AwardsOctober 15–February 1Varies
International student services scholarships
  • Spring: September 10–October 12
  • Summer: October 15–February 1
Scholarships for students with disabilitiesVaries1-4 years
Southerland Aggie Leadership ScholarshipsOctober 15-February 1Two semesters
Education Abroad Scholarships
  • Fall: February 15–March 15
  • Spring: September 10–October 12
  • Summer: October 15–February 1

Does TAMU Provide Scholarships to International Students?

While the U.S. is a great place to pursue higher education, the big-budget tuition fees paired with a high cost of living can discourage many international students. It can also be confusing to apply for scholarships in a foreign country. Learning as much as you can about applying for scholarships is extremely important for this reason.

TAMU helps make education more accessible to students from all over the world by providing scholarship opportunities specifically targeting non-U.S. citizens. Here are the options available to them:

  • International freshman scholarships
  • International transfer scholarships
  • International continuing student scholarships

Scholarship Opportunities for Professionals at TAMU

Texas A&M University provides a handful of scholarships to students pursuing professional degrees. TAMU schools that provide these scholarships are:

  • College of Dentistry (DDS)
  • School of Law (JD)
  • College of Medicine (MD)
  • Irma Lerma Rangel College of Pharmacy (PharmD)
  • College of Veterinary Medicine (DVM)

TAMU Scholarships for Transfer Students

Students transferring to Texas A&M University from other schools may be eligible for scholarships, but there are fewer opportunities exclusively targeting transfer students. Here are some scholarships transfer students can look into:

  • Aggie Transfer Scholarships
  • College and department scholarships
  • Dependent Children of Texas A&M Employee Scholarship
  • Foundation Excellence Award
  • Texas A&M University Phi Theta Kappa Transfer Scholarship

Graduate Opportunities at Texas A&M University

Graduate scholarships may be harder to come across than other scholarships, but they can still be found at schools all over the States. Graduate students at Texas A&M University have a small pool of scholarships and other funding options available to them. Graduate students can apply for:

  • Graduate assistantships
  • Graduate fellowships
  • College and department scholarships
  • International student services scholarships
  • Scholarships for students with disabilities

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