Who Are the Republican Sex Offenders Who Have Been Under Our Noses for a Long Time?

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Republican Sex Offenders and Child Molesters—DoNotPay Helps You Spot Pedophiles and Protect Your Child

Sex scandals among politicians are frequent regardless of the political option they represent. When the government and party officials get caught cheating with a consenting adult, it’s shameful but not illegal or dangerous.

The true horror hits you when you find out how many powerful people, including Republican sex offenders, are accused of pedophilia.

These cruel predators can live on your block or near your kid’s school.

DoNotPay helps you recognize sex offenders and keep tabs on their locations. and gain access to our Sex Offender Search feature. You’ll be able to set alerts for the new offenders in your area and keep yourself and your family safe.

High-Profile GOP Sex Offenders vs. Commoner Sex Offenders

Regular people who commit sexual crimes can be discovered, reported to the police, prosecuted, and finally put to jail and on the sex offender registry.

The sex offender registration laws also have strict guidelines about:

The situation with wealthy, famous, and influential people—especially politicians—is entirely different. Getting them behind bars is more complicated. Republican sex offenders, like most people in high places, are notorious for using their power and leverage to pressure and threaten the victim into dropping the charges. The only thing they can’t affect is the spotlight that these accusations attract.

The dark secrets of people in power have always found a way to come to light. Here are a few Republican scandals that shook the American public throughout history:

PoliticianThe Sex Offense Conviction/Accusation
Donald "Buz" Lukens, RepresentativeConvicted of having sex with a 16-year-old girl
Robert Bauman, RepresentativeAccused of attempting to solicit sex from a 16-year-old male prostitute
Dan Crane, RepresentativeAccused of having sex with a 17-year-old congressional page
Robert Packwood, Senator29 women accused him of sexual harassment, abuse, and assaults
Mark Foley, RepresentativeAccused of sending sexually explicit emails to teenage male congressional pages

Prominent Contemporary Republican Sex Offenders

The recent news about GOP sex offenders that have appeared in the press involved accusations against:

  1. Speaker of the House of Representatives Dennis Hastert
  2. Judge Roy Moore
  3. President Donald Trump

All of them were accused of multiple sex offenses. The accusations even came from victims who were minors at the time of the crime.

Speaker of the House of Representatives Dennis Hastert

Dennis Hastert is a former Republican Speaker of the House of Representatives accused of harassing four 14-year-old boys. At the time of the alleged crimes, Hastert was the boys’ high school wrestling coach. As The Chicago Tribune states, Hastert was convicted in 2016 and sentenced to 15 months in prison.

Judge Roy Moore

Judge Roy Moore ran for the Republican Alabama Senate when sex offense accusations against him appeared. He was accused of sexually harassing four women. One of them was 14 when the incidents allegedly took place—30 to 40 years ago. In the year following the allegations, no criminal charges were issued against Moore, and the story dwindled. According to Reuters, one of the women filed a defamation lawsuit against Moore because of his claim that her accusations were false. As a result of the whole affair, he lost the race for the seat in the Senate.

President Donald Trump

Among Republican sex offenders, Donald Trump may be the most high-profile and outspoken politician accused of various sex offenses.

He has been accused of:

  1. Marital rape of his first wife, Ivana
  2. Rape of a minor, 13-year-old girl
  3. Attempted rape of his former business associate, Jil Harth

According to Newsweek, all his alleged victims finally decided to drop the charges, one of them stating numerous threats as the main reason for doing so.

How To Protect Your Child From Potential Molesters

You may not be around influential Republican sex offenders, but this doesn’t mean you and your family aren’t in danger. Predators lurk everywhere regardless of their sex, age, or social status.

Among sex offenders, pedophiles are the biggest experts in hiding their crimes, so many get away with their wrongdoings, even though every fourth child in the U.S. experiences some sort of sexual molestation.

Here are several steps you can take towards protecting your child:

  • Use sex offender registry to get informed on the locations of the potential threats—Megan’s Law allows you access to your state’s sex offender registry. The offender list or map will show you all Tier2/Level 2 and Tier 3/Level 3 offenders in your vicinity
  • Learn how to recognize the signs of a pedophile and report these dangerous offenders to make your neighborhood safer for children
  • Talk to your child and make sure you know everything about their daily activities—what is happening to them, who their friends are, and who supervises them when they are not at home

Keep an Eye on the Nearby Covert Pedophiles! DoNotPay’s Alerts Keep You Updated on Their Whereabouts

Since the sex offender registry data changes all the time, it may be time-devouring to do regular checks manually.

DoNotPay has introduced a tool that makes your browsing easier and faster.

Our Sex Offender Search feature has many upsides, and here are some of them:

  • Easy one-time search for a particular offender or all ex-convicts living in your neighborhood
  • Changeable search perimeter—one, two, or three miles
  • Automatic detailed search based on your parameters with reports delivered weekly

The setup is smooth. All you need to do is:

  1. and find Sex Offender Search
  2. Select the search criterion—by offender’s name or your home address
  3. Choose the area you want to scan—one, two, or three miles
  4. Turn on the weekly alerts option

Our app will use your parameters, perform regular scans, and deliver all findings to you.

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