NJ HazMat Test and Where To Find It

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Take the NJ HazMat Practice Test and Prepare for Success

If you have been in the trucking industry for a while, you are well aware of how important adding the HazMat endorsement to your standard Commercial Driver's License (CDL) can be for your career prospects.

Do you think you are ready for a promotion and a salary raise? If yes, take the HazMat test and apply for better-paid jobs.

DoNotPay can help you prepare for a HazMat test in New Jersey easily!

What Is the HazMat Test?

You need a special license to transport hazardous cargo. This license is called the Hazardous Material Endorsement (HME). Adding HME to your CDL gives you permission to load, transport, and unload hazardous materials that include:

  • Acid
  • Propane
  • Chlorine
  • Gasoline
  • Explosive cartridges
  • Radioactive and infectious substances
  • Additional dangerous items and materials

You are eligible for the HazMat test if you meet these general eligibility criteria:

If you have a CDL issued by a U.S. state and the status of a:
  • U.S. citizen
  • Naturalized citizen
  • Lawful permanent resident
  • Nonimmigrant alien, asylee, or refugee

How To Apply for the NJ HazMat Test

If you would like to get the HME in New Jersey, you must comply with the NJ Motor Vehicle Commission’s (NJMVC) six points of ID verification. You can use one of these two tools to select the documents:

This ID verification process ensures licenses are issued only with proper documents and helps prevent identity theft.

To obtain the HME, you should do the following:

  1. Complete an application
  2. Submit your fingerprints
  3. Pay the application fee of $86.50

Before applying, take a look at the required documents and check whether you meet the eligibility criteria for a reduced application fee of $67.

If you would like to get assistance or detailed explanations regarding your HME application, you can contact the Universal Enroll help center at 1-855-347-8371. You should call the same number to submit your fingerprints and be prepared to pay the fingerprinting fees.

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) takes fingerprints and performs necessary background checks on the CDL holders applying for the HME and will notify the State of New Jersey of the results.

Based on the background check, New Jersey either issues or denies the HME. Your HazMat endorsement is valid for four years in New Jersey.

What Is the HazMat Background Check?

The USA Patriot Act requires background checks on all commercial drivers applying for the HME. The TSA has designed a plan to prevent potential threats from terrorists transporting hazardous materials.

Your fingerprints will go through different Interpol, FBI, and anti-terrorist agencies databases to check if there are reasons for concern. Different mental health and immigration checks will be performed, as well.

You can be disqualified if you have been:

  • Convicted or found not-guilty-by-reason-of insanity of a disqualifying felony in the past seven years
  • Released from prison in the past five years
  • Wanted or under indictment for committing disqualifying felonies
  • Found mentally incompetent

What Does the NJ HazMat Test Include?

You first need to complete the TSA online application, submit your fingerprints, and then proceed with the HazMat knowledge test. This exam is conducted at an MVC driver testing center.

The NJ HazMat test has 30 multiple choice questions, and you will need to answer at least 80% correctly to pass.

The test assesses your understanding of:

  • Proper handling of hazardous materials
  • Federal and state HazMat regulations
  • Your responsibilities regarding the safe transportation of hazardous materials

Ways To Prepare for the NJ HazMat Test

You should go through the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission’s CDL manual to prepare for the test. For further inquiries, you can get in touch with NJMVC via:

  • An online form
  • Phone
  • Mail at Motor Vehicle Commission, Customer Advocacy Office, P.O. Box 403 Trenton, NJ 08666-0403

You can get plenty of handbooks, study guides, and tutorials, some of which might be pricey. Certain truck driving schools offer HazMat test courses, but it is also a rather expensive option.

If you prefer a more relaxed but efficient way, you should choose DoNotPay’s NJ HazMat practice test.

DoNotPay Provides a Convenient NJ HazMat Practice Test

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Why Opt for the NJ HazMat Endorsement?

If you obtain the HME, your employment chances can improve. Truck drivers with a HazMat endorsement often have a higher income as some specialized industries specifically require drivers with HMEs.

The U.S. trucking industry is a major player in the overland freight movement and is still growing. Truck drivers are in high demand, and there are 947,000 truck drivers in the U.S. as of 2019.

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