How To Get In Touch With the Nashville Airport Lost and Found Office

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Decoding the Nashville Airport Lost and Found Procedure

If you have recently lost a personal item at the Nashville International Airport—or want to come prepared next time you travel to or from the capital of Tennessee—then look no further! We have put together a handy guide to getting in touch with the Nashville Airport Lost and Found Office and going through the entire item retrieval process.

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The Essentials of Nashville International Airport Lost and Found Office

The Nashville International Airport website is quite frugal when it comes to the information on lost and found items.

The only bit of info you will find there is that if you have found or lost an item at this airport, you need to call 615-275-1675 and report the item to the operator.

There’s no word on the actual procedure, waiting times, and outcomes, which is the more reason to use DoNotPay.

If you believe you have left an item at the TSA security checkpoint, you should contact the TSA at 866-289-9673 or visit the official website.

Where Did You Lose Your Item?Who Is in Charge of Finding It?
Airport terminals, curbside areas, airport shuttles, parking lotsNashville Airport Lost and Found
AirplaneYour airline
Rent-a-car/door-to-door shuttles between gates/taxisThe companies that provide these services

How Do Customers Feel About the BNA Airport Lost and Found?

Nashville Airport Lost and Found customers generally post favorable comments on the quality of the office’s services.

They mostly focus on two aspects of their experience at BNA airport:

  1. Airport staff’s responsiveness
  2. The success of lost item retrieval

Most reviews cite the following:

  • Positive response rate by the staff when it comes to lost item correspondence
  • The middle-of-the-road success rate when it comes to actually retrieving the items

The reviewers say that the airport could enhance its lost item policy to include more items. A significant number of them also say that the lost item request process could be more streamlined.

Most of these reviews of Nashville Airport Lost and Found are at third-party review websites, such as Yelp and Tripadvisor.

How Not To Lose Your Belongings at an Airport

Losing personal belongings at the airport is nobody’s idea of fun. To prevent this, you should follow these traveling tips and best practices:

  • Keep the most important items, like your wallet and your phone, close to you at all times
  • Use a tracking device to keep track of your luggage
  • Pack or tag your items using distinctive colors or patterns that stand out from the rest
  • Put your small items in a carry-on
  • Check all of your items one more time before getting to the TSA checkpoint

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The Nashville Airport Lost and Found Office might be a little harder to contact as they offer only one phone number—the line will most likely be busy, and you probably don’t have enough time to wait on hold for hours.

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