How To Use Free Fax Server Software

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How Does Free Fax Server Software Work?

When sending important or confidential files, people look for the safest way to do so. Fax services are a lot more popular than you may think, and you need to know how to fax to be at the top of the business game. Does free fax server software exist? DoNotPay has your answer and will explain how to send a fax the easiest way.

What You Should Know About Fax Server Software

We can explain fax servers in two ways. The first one describes a fax server as a system that is installed as a part of a local area network (LAN). This lets people send and receive faxes from their computer. You can store faxes as databases, graphics, spreadsheets, or word processing files. It is also possible to use a scanner to scan documents and send them as faxes. Your PC and scanner essentially become a fax machine.

A fax server consists of several components, including :

  • Fax program
  • Fax modem
  • Phone line or internet connection
  • Connections to LAN users

The second definition of a fax server describes a software program that allows faxes to be sent or received from a computer.

How Does a Fax Server Work?

The working process of a fax server works like this—it:

  1. Accepts documents from users
  2. Converts them into a fax format
  3. Transmits documents to the recipients

It stores faxes in a folder on the LAN or uses a printer connected to the LAN to print them.

What About Fax to Email Servers?

A fax server also receives fax calls and sends received faxes via email. Users can write an email and transmit the email to a recipient’s fax number. Fax servers can route faxes to a recipient’s email inbox (usually in a PDF format).

What Is Open-Source Fax Server Software?

Businesses use open-source fax servers to keep track of fax usage and simplify the process of sending and receiving files by keeping everything on a computer. An open-source fax server virtualizes all the services and only needs hard drive space, unlike true fax servers that require a server computer, server software, and phone cables.

Why Are Free Fax Servers Better Than Fax Machines?

Fax servers are a better option than fax machines for a few reasons. One fax server can do the work of several fax machines (one per network user.) Another advantage of fax servers is that they don’t use paper and are more environmentally friendly.

You may also use fax servers to send files at specified times automatically. Files received via a fax server can be stored on the server with the option of going back to them later.

Free Fax Server Software Solutions

You can find a few free server software solutions on the market. Take a look at the table below to see your options:

Fax Server SoftwareDetails


  • Covers both inbound and outbound faxing scenarios
  • Has bugs


  • Can support multiple modems
  • Sends alpha-numeric pages
  • Resizes pages and provides poor image quality


  • Allows users to fax directly from desktop applications with print options
  • Consolidates and centralizes fax communication through Fax over IP
  • Has issues with bugs

You shouldn’t risk the quality of faxes you wish to send via free fax server software. DoNotPay can ensure you send faxes without any issues. While these fax servers are focused solely on fax, with DoNotPay, you get numerous other helpful features.

DoNotPay Offers the Easiest Way of Sending Faxes

If you find online faxing options confusing, you should look no further than . Our app has a simple and efficient procedure for sending documents—you can even use your phone or laptop to do so.

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How To Send Fax Messages With DoNotPay

It is simple to use DoNotPay to send faxes. Open our app in a and follow these steps:

  1. Upload or snap a photo
  2. Enter the fax number of the recipient
  3. Expect to get a notification from us as soon as the fax gets sent

Other Options for Sending a Fax

There are a few other options available when it comes to sending faxes. Some of the popular methods include:

If you choose any of these options, you’ll either waste your time or money. Fax machines are slower than online faxing and aren’t secure enough because they can’t encrypt your documents.

Fax apps cost a lot—you’ll have to spend hundreds of dollars on them.

When it comes to Windows Fax and Scan, the biggest drawback is that it needs a phone line to connect to, so this isn’t an ideal option either.

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