How To Find Flight School Scholarships That You Qualify For

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The Ultimate Guide to Finding Flight School Scholarships

Flight school is expensive, but that should not be an obstacle to achieving your dreams. There are plenty of scholarships and grants for aviation, but finding those that you qualify for is not an easy task. DoNotPay can create a comprehensive list of flight school scholarships that perfectly match your circumstances in just a few minutes.

The Best Flight School Scholarships You Can Apply For

Check out the scholarships that can help you offset your training costs and graduate debt-free:

  1. Women in Aviation International Scholarships
  2. Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) Scholarships
  3. Aviation Distributors and Manufacturers Association (ADMA) Scholarship
  4. Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) Flight Training Programs
  5. L3Harris Flight Academy Pilot Pathways Scholarships
  6. National Gay Pilots Association Scholarships
  7. Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals Scholarships

Women in Aviation International Scholarships

This organization offers collegiate and non-collegiate aviation scholarships for women and men. To be eligible, you must be a member of Women in Aviation International (WAI). While most of the scholarships provided by WAI are open to both women and men, some are tailored for women only.

AOPA Scholarships

The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) Foundation provides four types of aviation scholarships:

  1. High School Flight Training Scholarship
  2. Primary Flight Training Scholarship
  3. Teacher Flight Training Scholarship
  4. Advanced Rating Scholarship

Each scholarship category has its own eligibility requirements. You must be a member of the AOPA and a U.S citizen or permanent resident to apply for any of the four scholarships.

The ADMA Scholarship

The Aviation Distributors and Manufacturers Association (ADMA) Scholarship is meant for international students enrolled at a two-year or four-year post-secondary institution.

EAA Flight Training Programs

The Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) offers three types of scholarships for aviation students:

  1. Air-Academy Camperships
  2. Flight Training Scholarships
  3. Post-Secondary Scholarships

The program is also open to international students, and you do not need to be an EAA member to apply for any of these programs. You can apply at any point of your training in a non-collegiate program.

The L3Harris Flight Academy Pilot Pathways Scholarships

These are need-based scholarships for pilot training offered by L3Harris Flight Academy to offset pilot training expenses. Below is the summary of the Pilot Pathway scholarships available:

Pilot Pathway ScholarshipEligibility Requirements
Veterans ScholarshipVeterans enrolled in the academy's Professional Pilot Program (PPP) or Airline Pilot Track (APT) as self-sponsored students
High School Senior Merit ScholarshipHigh school seniors enrolling in the institution's pilot training program as self-sponsored students
Diversity ScholarshipMembers of minority groups, such as black women, Latinos, or members of the LGBTQ community

National Gay Pilots Association Scholarships

The NGPA offers aviation scholarships to its members regardless of their sexual orientation. Applicants who don’t identify as members of the LGBTQIA+ should have evident support for this community.

Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals Scholarships

The OBAP offers aviation scholarships to minorities desiring to pursue aviation courses.

How To Find Aviation Scholarships and Grants

Most flight scholarships are offered by aviation schools. Since there are no centralized search resources to help you find the program that matches your interests, consider the following search tips:

  • Check with specific organizations that are dedicated to aviation matters, such as the AOPA
  • Join aviation-related professional organizations—Most offer some scholarships but only to their members
  • Contact your high school guidance counselor if you are a high school senior
  • Check with the flight school you attend or plan to attend
  • Search at local organizations, NGOs, for-profit companies, foundations, religious organizations, etc.
  • File the FAFSA to discover the programs you are eligible for based on your financial need

There is an even more effective way of searching for scholarships—use DoNotPay. When you and provide your education details, DoNotPay will give you a list of all the aviation scholarships and grants you can apply for. Cut down the scholarship search time and start applying now!

How To Apply for Flight School Scholarships and Grants

Once you find flight school scholarships that match your interests—which should take less than five minutes with DoNotPay—review the application process and requirements.

Every scholarship provider dictates the application guidelines, which you should follow carefully. To apply for a scholarship, you will most likely need to submit the following:

Check the requirements and prepare your paperwork early. Make sure to include any information that can help you stand out, like participation in community service.

Find and Apply for Scholarships for Aviation Students the Easy Way

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