Do I Need a Notarized Letter To Travel With a Child to Mexico?

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Do I Need a Notarized Letter To Travel With a Child to Mexico? Can DoNotPay Help?

Mexico takes children’s safety seriously. If you are accompanying somebody else’s child or are traveling as a lone parent, you will need to prove to the Mexican authorities that the child has permission to travel with you.

To travel to Mexico without difficulty, you will need the services of a notary, and DoNotPay is here to show you how to notarize the documents you need.

When Do I Need a Notarized Letter To Travel to Mexico With a Child?

When traveling to Mexico with a child, you will need a notarized letter if you fall under the following criteria:



Lone parentIf you are accompanying your own child without the other parent or guardian
Accompanying adultIf you are a teacher, group leader, or person responsible for a child or children other than your own

At your port of entry, the Mexican border authorities will require you to produce a notarized letter of consent that the child is allowed to travel with you, signed by the following:

  • The other parent if the child is yours
  • Both parents or guardians if you are accompanying children you aren’t related to

There are a few exceptions to this rule, as follows:

  1. Only one parent appears on the child’s birth certificate
  2. One parent has sole custody of the child
  3. The other parent of the child is deceased

Only One Parent Appears on a Child’s Birth Certificate

If you are traveling with your own child and no second parent is recorded on the child’s birth certificate, your authorization is enough, and you do not need a letter of consent. You'll need to have the child's birth certificate with you.

One Parent Has Sole Custody of a Child

If you have been granted sole custody of your child, you do not need a notarized letter of consent, but you must present the court order confirming your sole custody.

The Other Parent of a Child Is Deceased

If your child’s second parent has died, you need to present the parent’s death certificate along with the child’s birth certificate.

What Should the Letter Contain?

The letter of consent for travel to Mexico doesn’t need to be complicated, but it must contain the following:



HeadingThe letter should be headed “Letter of Authorization To Travel”
DateThe date should correspond to the date of travel
Name of parent(s)If the child or children are traveling with a parent, the other parent or guardian should state their full name
Name of child(ren)You should write the child’s name exactly as it appears in their identity document
Flight number or travel detailsYou should include the mode of travel, flight details, or the name of the ship on which they are traveling. If they are traveling by road, you should identify the vehicle they will be in
Name of accompanying adultThe name of the accompanying adult should be quoted as it is recorded in their travel document
Signature(s)The letter must be signed by the non-traveling parent or guardian or both parents if the child is traveling with someone not related to them (a teacher, for example). The signatories should sign in the presence of a notary
Address and contact detailsThe full address and contact details of the parent or parents signing the document must be included

How Can I Get a Letter of Consent To Travel Notarized on My Own?

Once you have written your letter of authorization to travel, you need to have it notarized to satisfy the Mexican authorities.

A notary verifies that you are who you claim to be and that the letter has been written by you and signed by all the concerned parties. The notary signature you receive on your letter does not prove the legality of the document but confirms that you wrote and signed it.

You can handle the process yourself by doing the following:

  • Find a notary in your area
  • Book an appointment
  • Take all the required documents with you
  • Attend the appointment in person, together with the other parent

This can be time-consuming and prone to you forgetting a crucial document like your ID, meaning you have to start the process again.

DoNotPay has a faster and easier solution for getting your letter of authorization notarized.

Notarize a Travel Authorization Letter With DoNotPay

DoNotPay has a way for you to have your documents notarized without having to leave your home.

Using our notarization system, you can create your document and have it notarized online without queues or waiting times.

All you have to do to get your document notarized is:

  1. in your web browser
  2. Find the Notarize Any Document section
  3. Upload the document you want notarized
  4. Give us your email address

DoNotPay will get back to you quickly with a choice of appointment times. At the chosen time, a notary will verify your identity via a video call and witness the signature of your document. Your document is then notarized, and you can set off for Mexico.

If you want to know more about what notarization is, DoNotPay has a wealth of documents that explain the whole process:

Can DoNotPay Help Me With Other Documents?

If you want to create specific documents before getting them notarized, DoNotPay is here to help as well.

We have linked a document creation tool to our notarization feature, so you can create the document you need and get it notarized in one place.

To , all you need to do is:

  1. Go to DoNotPay in your browser
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