Create An Amazon Account Without Your Phone Number In Record Time

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Create An Amazon Account Without Your Phone Number In Record Time

In just less than a decade, Amazon has taken North America by storm. What used to be a humble online store for books is now having its way with the entire retail industry and even the logistics industry. While you can’t wait to get in on sweet deals from the comfort of your home, it’s important to know what you might be getting yourself into when registering for Amazon and giving this opportunistic corporation your phone number.

Can you create an Amazon without a phone number? Let show you what you can do to avoid using your personal information.

Why Amazon Needs Your Phone Number

Like every popular website and app, Amazon needs your phone number to ensure each user is a living person who only intends to buy or sell goods rather than a bot or scammer. Aside from security, Amazon may need a phone number for other reasons:

NotificationsAmazon can text your number regarding every delivery update involving your transactions. Alternatively, you can also get updates through email or with an Amazon Alexa smart device.
Two-Factor Authentication (TFA)Amazon will need to send additional codes to your phone number if by chance you’re not able to log in.
Regulations and GuidelinesIn order to do business in the US and other countries, a phone number for each account is mandatory for Amazon to handle all the transactions that take place.

Be sure to keep your Amazon password in a safe, yet accessible place so you can log in from both your computer and smartphone. This way, you can avoid having to rely on two-factor authentication.

What’s The Worst-Case Scenario For Giving Amazon My Phone Number?

Despite anything that Amazon could claim about phone verification, there’s the chance that Amazon can profit off your phone number by selling it to a third-party associate. That associate could proceed to solicit you with SMS texts and phone calls. Your number could also be further passed along to additional parties.

The best-case scenario is that nothing will happen with your phone and you won’t get unknown calls and texts whatsoever.

Here are other companies that have been known to sell personal data belonging to their users:

Can You Make An Amazon Account Without A Phone Number?

Despite years of research looking for exploits and loopholes, you will need a phone number to sign up for Amazon. However, that isn’t to say the number has to be your own number.

Certain websites, apps, hardware, and software solely exist to give users opportunities to sign up for Amazon and other sites with fake phone numbers.

Here are all the ways you can obtain a temporary phone number to sign up for Amazon:

The number needs to be able to send and receive SMS messages, as Amazon will send the number a validation code. Therefore, you can’t just enter in a random number and hope that it works.

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What Else Does DoNotPay Offer To Help With Amazon?

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