How To Check the Balance on a Cracker Barrel Gift Card in a Flash

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Check the Balance on Your Cracker Barrel Gift Card STAT

We teach you how to check the balance on a Cracker Barrel gift card quickly and present a way to cash out what's left on it.

Have you used your gift card but are not sure if there are some funds left on it? Don’t throw away your gift cards easily because DoNotPay can help you get back the remaining amount swiftly!

How Does a Cracker Barrel Gift Card Work?

Here are some key points about Cracker Barrel gift cards that’ll come in handy if you got it as a present or are thinking of giving it to someone. These cards:

  • Can be used online, in stores, and in restaurants
  • Do not have an expiration date or additional handling fees
  • Come in eGift and plastic gift card formats in:
    • Different designs (eGift cards)
    • Amounts ranging from $10 and $300
  • Can be purchased on the Cracker Barrel website and in physical locations but also in some other retail stores, including Walmart and Amazon

How To Check the Cracker Barrel Gift Card Balance

To know what exactly you can do with the remaining balance on your Cracker Barrel gift card, you need to check how much money you’ve got left. You can do that:

  1. Online
  2. In stores
  3. Via phone

Run a Cracker Barrel Gift Card Check Online Sipping Wine

You can inquire about your balance on the company website. Here's how it works:

  1. Open the Cracker Barrel Gift Cards page
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page
  3. Click on the Check Gift Card Balance box
  4. Enter your card number, PIN, and email address in the provided fields
  5. Hit the Check Balance box on the right

If you provide your email address, your gift card balance will be emailed to you as well.

Conduct an In-Store Cracker Barrel Gift Card Balance Check

A cashier at one of the Cracker Barrel Old Country Store locations can also check the balance on your gift card. If you would like to find the most convenient location:

  1. Open the Store Locator
  2. Choose either the:
    1. Store Finder tab where you should enter your city, state, or ZIP code
    2. Browse by State tab to click on your state

Check the Balance on a Cracker Barrel Gift Card by Phone

Calling customer service at 1-800-333-9566 is the right option if:

  • You prefer speaking to a representative
  • Your gift card does not have a PIN

What To Do With the Remaining Balance on Your Gift Cards

If you still have a few bucks left on your Cracker Barrel or some other company’s gift card but believe you cannot purchase anything with this amount, you’re wrong! There’s always a way to use the money, especially if you have a few gift cards lying around your house.

Check all their balances first and make a list to know precisely how much you have on each. Here are some choices you could consider:

  • Combine:
    • A few gift cards from the same company to buy something nice. Gift card providers often allow you to use a few gift cards per purchase
    • Your gift card with another (free) gift card, a credit or debit card, or another method of payment. Even though you will be able to spend all the remaining money from a gift card, you’d still need to invest additional funds to complete a purchase
  • Return a gift card for cash as some issuers might want to refund it
  • Give the card to someone who’d appreciate it, but only if there is a reasonable amount left
  • Sell your gift cards for cash online, at some retail stores, or specialized gift card exchange kiosks
  • Donate to a charity organization
  • Get your cash back

If you would like to choose the last option from the list, you need to know that most companies won’t offer any reimbursement for the remaining balance on your gift card. However, some U.S. states require gift card providers to return up to $5 or even $10 to their clients.

How to find out if your state is among the ones with a cash back policy in place? You could:

  • Do some research to get familiar with your state legislation
  • and let us handle everything for you

DoNotPay Is the Right Gift-Card-Cash-Back Way

DoNotPay can run all necessary checks automatically. We will determine if your state requires Cracker Barrel or any other company to reimburse the remainder to you.

If we find out that it does not, we’ll look for its office located in one of the cash back policy states. DoNotPay sends your request to that address directly!

Sounds easy? It is for an AI-powered app determined to fight for your customer rights! and:

  1. Select the Gift Card Cash Back product
  2. Provide information about your gift card, including the company name, card number, original amount, and current balance

You can expect to get cash or a check within 14 business days via mail.

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