How To Get Answers to the California Notary Exam Questions

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Learn the California Notary Exam Questions Easily!

Passing a notary exam isn’t required in every state, but in California, it is. The California notary exam is not an easy one either. It will take time and effort to memorize all the California notary exam questions and ultimately pass the test. You can lean on for guidance and a variety of practice tests!

The California Notary Exam Questions

The California notary exam is administered by the Cooperative Personnel Service (CPS) and is considered one of the most strict and demanding application requirements for notaries in America, with a passing score of 70%.

On your California notary exam, you will get 45 questions, and you will need to answer 33 correctly to pass. The questions are multiple-choice, and you have an hour to complete your exam.

If you fail your California notary exam, you will not be able to take it again in the same month.

Preparing for the California Notary Exam Questions

You can begin your exam preparation process with the Notary Public Handbook and use it as a guide. All the questions on your exam come from that manual, so make sure you read it from A to Z.

You can also look up the study material online and make notes, flashcards, or even a presentation. If you see that you still have room for improvement, you can take an online course and research the laws.

Think about what type of learner you are and use it to your advantage. If you are a visual learner, make a PowerPoint presentation or read through your notes several times. If you fall into the auditory type, listen to lectures online or record yourself and play the recording until you have all the questions and answers memorized.

Choose whichever method you think will help you memorize the questions.

Practice tests are your best friend when it comes to any exam! They are the easiest way to acquire and check your knowledge until you are certain that you got this in the bag!

Take DoNotPay's California Notary Practice Exam

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The California Notary Exam Requirements

Every state has its own set of laws, regulations, and requirements when it comes to taking government tests. If you are interested in the requirements you will have to meet to take your California notary exam, see the list below:

  • You have to be 18 years of age or older (there is no maximum age set by statute) and a California resident
  • Completing a course of study approved by the Secretary of State is mandatory
  • Passing a written examination administered by the Secretary of State and a background check is required

How To Schedule the California Notary Exam

There are two ways to schedule your notary exam in California. Both include contacting CPR HR Consulting:

  1. Via phone—call them at (916) 263-3520 and say that you wish to schedule the time and date for your notary exam. The customer support will provide you with further instructions
  2. Online—Create an account on the CPR HR Consulting website and choose the time and date for your notary exam

How Much Is the California Notary Exam Application Fee?

If you want to know how much money you will need to set aside for your notary exam, we are happy to provide you with all the information! See the table below to find out everything about the notary exam costs:

Forms and ServicesFee
New or Reappointing Commission Application$20
Exam (payable at exam site)$20
Application Processing and Exam Fee$20
Duplicate Commission$10
Name Change ApplicationNo Fee
Address ChangeNo Fee
Certificate of Authorization to Produce Notary Public SealNo Fee
Request for Live Scan ServiceCall Live Scan site for processing fees
Affixing Certificate and Seal of State$5
Special Handling$6

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