Learn How To Get a VCU Application Fee Waiver

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DoNotPay Can Help You Obtain a VCU Application Fee Waiver—See How To Do It!

Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) is a public research university in Richmond. It is a classified R1 doctoral university, which means that it has very high research activity. VCU offers baccalaureate, master’s, and doctoral degrees, along with certificate and professional courses.

VCU isn’t among the most affordable universities regarding college fees, especially if you’re an out-of-state student, and college application fees aren’t any better.

DoNotPay can help you get a VCU application fee waiver and ease the financial burden that comes with going to college.

How Much Is the Virginia Commonwealth University Application Fee?

You can apply to VCU only online. The application fee is $70, and the University accepts only credit card payments. They won’t accept cash, checks, and money orders.

You can apply either via VCU’s online application or the Common Application. The VCU application fee is nonrefundable.

You won’t be required to pay the application fee if you apply to undergraduate health sciences programs on the MCV campus while being a part of any degree program on the Monroe Park Campus.

How To Obtain a VCU Application Fee Waiver by Yourself

Since VCU processes applications through the Common Application, you can request a Common app fee waiver if you meet the eligibility criteria. To get a fee waiver via the Common app, follow the steps below:

  1. Create an account on the Common app
  2. Fill out the application
  3. Go to Common App Fee Waiver in the Profile section of your application
  4. Indicate that you meet one or more of the eligibility criteria for a fee waiver on your application
  5. Tap on Request Application Fee Waiver

You can request a fee waiver even if you’re an international student. After you check the eligibility criteria for a fee waiver, you should include the indicator of economic need in your application.

This should be enough to get you a fee waiver but keep in mind that every school is different, so they will decide whether to accept a fee waiver request.

The University will ask you to pay the application fee if they determine that you don’t fulfill the eligibility criteria.

Can You Request a Fee Waiver ViaYes/No
Online ApplicationNo
Common ApplicationYes
SAT/ACT Fee WaiverNo

Are You Eligible for a Fee Waiver?

You will qualify for a VCU application fee waiver if you meet any of the criteria set by the Common app.

The criteria that you need to fulfill are:

  • The annual income of a family is within the USDA Food and Nutrition Service income eligibility guidelines
  • Having or being eligible to receive the SAT or ACT fee waiver
  • A school official, financial aid officer, or a community leader being able to provide a supporting statement about your financial situation
  • Being homeless, or living in a foster home or a subsidized public housing
  • Enrollment in any local, state, or federal program that helps low-income students
  • Receiving public assistance
  • Participating or being able to participate in the federal free or reduced-price lunch program
  • Being a ward of the state, or an orphan

The University will ask your school counselor to fill out the fee waiver form to confirm that you need a fee waiver.

How To Get a Fee Waiver if You’re Applying for Graduate School

If you participated in a Bridges program, Minority Access to Research Careers (MARC), Initiative for Maximizing Student Development (IMSD), and Postbaccalaureate Research Education Program (PREP), and you’re applying to the Department of Health Disparities of VCU, the University offers a fee waiver.

To get a fee waiver, your student program director will need to send an email or a written fee waiver request to the VCU coordinator for research training programs. The letter should include a statement from the program director that the student in question (you) participated in the program.

The school will confirm the fee waiver via email, and they will send you further instructions for application submission.

If you’re applying to chemistry, you can get a fee waiver if you’re a domestic student. The Department of Chemistry will pay for your application fee after your application is finished.

You can request a fee waiver at iuarachchige@vcu.edu.

VCU Baccalaureate Graduate Masters program has an automatic graduate application fee waiver.

You can also get a fee waiver by applying for a Partnership program between Virginia Commonwealth University and any international partner institutions. You’ll need to email the waiver request to soeinfo@vcu.edu.

Use DoNotPay To Get a VCU Application Fee Waiver

Our platform can help you obtain an application fee waiver in under five minutes. Using our College Application Fee Waiver feature, you’ll be able to request the following types of fee waivers:

  • Transfer Student Fee Waiver
  • New Student Application Fee Waiver
  • Enrollment Deposit Fee Waiver

DoNotPay will fill out the fee waiver request form on your behalf after you choose which fee waiver you want to apply for. We will send the request form to the University’s Financial Aid Office.

We offer one additional option—you can instruct us to send your request form to your high school counselor to obtain their signature. It might be an important part of getting a fee waiver because it will attest to your financial need. After DoNotPay gets the signature, we’ll send the fee waiver request form to your potential University.

Steps To Request the VCU College Application Fee Waiver With DoNotPay

There are a few simple steps you need to take to request a fee waiver. You can do it from any , from the safety of your home. Open DoNotPay, log in to your account, and follow these instructions:

  1. Find the College Application Fee Waiver feature
  2. Choose the type of fee you want to request
  3. Type in Virginia Commonwealth University and answer a few questions about your financial situation
  4. Indicate whether you want DoNotPay to obtain your counselor’s signature
  5. Click on Submit

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