Where To Take the DMV Practice Test in VA

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Where To Find the Best DMV Practice Test in VA

Taking the driving test may feel intimidating to new drivers, but it doesn’t have to be. If you prepare adequately, you will go through the experience without any inconvenience.

DoNotPay will help you take a closer look at the exam and provide the most reliable DMV practice tests.

What Does the Virginia Driving Test Consist Of?

If you want to obtain a driver’s license in Virginia, you must pass a knowledge and skills test. You can take the two-part knowledge exam on a computer in a DMV customer service center or in a classroom of one of the private schools participating in the DMV’s remote testing program. The list of districts and schools where you can take the written test is available on the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles website.

The knowledge test assesses your familiarity with traffic signs, motor vehicle laws, and driving techniques. The questions are based on the information from the Virginia Driver’s Manual.

The first part of the written exam focuses on the traffic signs and requires you to answer all ten questions correctly before moving on to the second part. Part two is a General Knowledge test, where you must score at least 80% to pass.

The next step is to schedule a DMV appointment for the road test. The best way is to access the appointments page of the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles, where you can find more information about the VA DMV appointment system.

The Virginia road test guide will provide you with all the maneuvers and driving skills you need to demonstrate behind the wheel.

To apply for a driver’s license in Virginia, you have to pay an application fee. The complete list of application fees and prices of other services is available on the Virginia DMV website.

What Happens if I Fail the Virginia DMV Driving Test?

Studying and practicing your skills behind the wheel should be enough to pass the DMV exam. If you fail the knowledge test, here is what you can expect depending on your age and status:

  • Underaged applicants must wait 15 days to retake the test
  • Applicants that are 18 or older must pay a $2 re-application fee if they retake the test within 15 days
  • Individuals who fail the test three times must go through the classroom portion of the Virginia-approved Driver Training School program and show the Driver Education Certificate at the customer service center

You can avoid unnecessary expenses and complications by following our preparation guide. Open our app in a and get the most reliable practice material for any written driving test!

What Are Virginia DMV Practice Tests and How To Access Them?

Practice tests are a useful preparation method for a DMV test. While familiarizing yourself with the information from the Manual is crucial, skipping practice tests can cause you to fail the exam. They provide value by:

  1. Enabling revision
  2. Improving information retention
  3. Copying the structure of the real exam
  4. Providing different variations of the same question
  5. Putting the information form the Manual into context

DMV practice tests are available from various sources. You can find an array of online practice exams by typing in the required keyword in your website’s search engine. They may seem like the most accessible option, but online practice tests can be a risky choice.

Check out the pros and cons of using online practice material in your preparation process:

Online Practice Tests
  • They are numerous
  • You can access them easily
  • They offer false promises (such as the actual questions from the real test)
  • You can’t discern which one is reliable
  • Websites often charge you to access the full practice material

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Pass the VA Driving Test With DoNotPay

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