How To Get a Virginia Tech Application Fee Waiver

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Discover How To Obtain a Virginia Tech Application Fee Waiver

Virginia Tech is a Virginia-based public research university offering a rich curriculum and multiple opportunities for developing leadership, communication, and other skills. That makes Virginia Tech one of the most popular Universities among freshmen, with a retention rate of about 93%.

Like so many other Universities, it requires paying an application fee. If Virginia Tech is on your wishlist, it is worth trying to apply for a fee waiver. The process doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming. DoNotPay is here to help you establish what college application fee waivers are and offer the most practical ways of applying.

What Is an Application Fee Waiver and Why Should You Consider It?

Almost every college or university charges a certain amount for admission. The fee is supposed to cover the expenses of reviewing your application and deciding whether you meet the conditions to be admitted.

Some university application fees are more expensive than others, but the average cost is around $60. It may not seem like a significant amount, but considering that most students apply for backup colleges, the costs can mount up. Apart from the application fee, there are other college fees that parents often neglect to consider:

  1. Travel costs—especially for students who have to pay for plane tickets or book a hotel room to visit the campus
  2. Preparations for the test
  3. Admission test
  4. Sending the test scores to desired colleges
  5. Postal expenses, in case you decide to mail in the application

Getting a fee waiver will help you save hundreds of dollars and allow you to apply to more schools. Every school has its set of rules for applying, and they tend to overlap in many areas.

We are here to give you a breakdown of the criteria you should meet when applying for a Virginia Tech fee waiver and the fastest way of doing it.

How Much Is the VA Tech Application Fee?

The application fee for Virginia Tech is $60 for freshmen and transfer students and $70 for international students. The deadline for applying is the 15th of January. The application fee is non-refundable, which means you have to apply for a fee waiver before you submit your admittance application for review.

Who Is Eligible for the Virginia Tech Application Fee Waiver

Virginia Tech allows students with financial difficulties to avoid paying the application fee under certain circumstances. Those include:

If you already got an SAT or ACT fee waiver, you are automatically eligible for an application fee waiver. Talk to your guidance counselor before applying for a fee waiver because Virginia Tech will ask for a confirmation that you need financial aid and meet the required criteria.

How To Apply for the Virginia Tech Fee Waiver on Your Own

Virginia Tech offers the possibility of applying for a fee waiver by accessing the Common App and the Coalition App. The questions on these apps will determine whether you are eligible for a fee waiver at Virginia Tech.

If you have any additional concerns regarding the application fee waiver or fail to meet the criteria provided on these apps, you can contact the university at Here are all the ways of applying for a fee waiver at Virginia Tech:

Means of ApplyingIs It Possible To Apply
Sending an emailNo
Using the Common AppYes
Accessing the Coalition AppYes
Over the phoneNo
With DoNotPayYes

How To Request a Virginia Tech Application Fee Waiver With the Common App

Here is how to apply using the Common App:

  1. Access the website
  2. Click on Create an Account
  3. Type in the necessary information to create your profile
  4. Click on the Profile Section
  5. Check Yes under the Common App Fee Waiver section
  6. Check all the boxes next to statements that apply to your situation
  7. Provide your e-signature in the required field

If you got an SAT or ACT fee waiver, your counselor will give his or her confirmation automatically. If not, you will be required to provide some additional information to prove that you qualify for a fee waiver.

How To Apply for a Virginia Tech Fee Waiver Using the Coalition App

These are the steps for applying for a fee waiver using the Coalition App:

  1. Open the website
  2. Click on MyCoalition Login
  3. Hit the Create an Account button
  4. Follow the steps to create an account
  5. Click on the Profile section of your account
  6. Check the fields that apply to you under the Fee Waiver section
  7. Hit the Add to List button next to all colleges that you are interested in

The last step is for your counselor to approve your application for a fee waiver. They will receive the request, and once they sign it, it will be sent to Virginia Tech.

Use DoNotPay To Get the VT Application Fee Waiver in No Time

DoNotPay is here to make the process of applying for a fee waiver simple and quick. With so many guidance counselors burdened with other tasks, we provide much-needed relief with our straightforward and easy way of getting your fees waived.

Our app automatically fills out the application form and even mails it directly to the university’s financial aid office.

You are only required to perform a few simple steps before we take care of the rest:

  1. Access DoNotPay from your
  2. Open the College Application Fee Waiver feature
  3. Select the type of fee you would like to waive
  4. Choose the college or university you want to apply to and answer some questions about your economic situation
  5. Point out if you need your counselor’s signature

If you opt for getting your counselor’s signature, we will mail the form to them first. If not, we will send it directly to the university of your choice.

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