File TD Bank Complaints Fast and Have Your Issue Resolved

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How To File TD Bank Complaints and Get Your Issue Resolved Fast

TD Bank is one of the largest banks in North America and has been around for a very long time. The bank is known for great services and reliability, and it has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

With nearly 7 million active users in North America, it's inevitable that some customers will run into problems with their TD bank account.

The most common issue customers report revolves around overdraft fees. The bank is known to charge its users a fee for spending more money than they have in their account, with no prior notice or explanation.

TD Bank has also been accused of charging borrowers high interest rates for late or missed payments on their credit cards. There have been a few TD Bank mortgage complaints in the past as well, with customers stating that the bank didn't properly disclose the terms and conditions of its mortgage policies.

Fortunately, it's easy to get help with a TD Bank issue. In this article, we'll show you how to get in touch with TD Bank's customer service fast and, if you can't resolve the issue with the bank's representatives, take the matter to small claims court.

How To Submit TD Bank Customer Complaints

TD Bank takes customer complaints seriously and aims to resolve them as quickly as possible. If you've had an issue with the bank or one of the services you received, you should read the bank's PDF guide on how to submit your complaint.

TD Bank offers its users a number of ways to connect to customer service and get their voices heard.

There are dedicated customer support phone numbers you can call regarding issues with different services the bank offers:

  • Auto Finance and Financing Services (Credit Cards): 1-833-259-5980
  • Insurance Services: 1-866-361-2311
  • Financial Planning: 1-866-646-7888
  • Private Investment Advice: 1-866-646-8338
  • TD Direct Investing: 1-800-465-5463

The customer support agent will take your complaint and forward it to the complaint resolution team. To maximize your chances of a satisfactory resolution, make sure to explain the issue in as much detail as possible and provide the agent with your contact information.

Depending on the nature of the complaint, TD Bank may ask you to fill out a more comprehensive form outlining your issue. You can submit a detailed complaint through an online form on the bank's official website or via mail at

If your complaint doesn't get resolved in a few days, you can escalate the matter by calling customer service at 1-877-734-1288.

Alternatively, you can voice your complaint with the bank using Facebook Messenger or by DM-ing the bank on Twitter.

TD Bank usually resolves user complaints within two weeks. TD Bank's policy is to refund any overcharges with interest and to correct any erroneous charges within 15 days of receiving your submission.

How To File TD Bank Complaints

What If You Can't Resolve the Issue After Contacting the Bank?

If the problem persists after you've filed the complaint, you can contact one of the agencies charged with protecting customer rights.

If you believe the bank has wronged you in any way, you can file a complaint against TD Bank with:

  • The Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  • The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB)
  • The Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

Filing a TD Bank Complaint With the BBB

The BBB is a non-profit organization with members across the country. If you believe that the bank has done something wrong, you can file a complaint through this online form.

The Bureau will conduct an investigation and attempt to resolve your problem with the bank. Your BBB complaint can be used as evidence in court if you decide to take your case to small claims court.

Filing TD Bank Mortgage Complaints With the CFPB

If you've had trouble with a credit card or other financial product, you can file a complaint with the CFPB and have them look into your issue.

The CFPB will forward your complaint to the bank and try to resolve it through negotiation.

If the resolution specialist is unable to resolve your case within three attempts, then they'll send it on to CFPB's team for review.

Filing TD Complaints With the FTC

If you believe the bank is defrauding you or engaging in any other unfair, discriminatory or deceptive practice, then you can file a complaint and request investigation by the FTC.

The FTC will look into the bank's actions and attempt to resolve your problem with the bank.

Have TD Complaints That Are Left Unresolved? Here’s How To Send Demand Letters To the Bank in Small Claims Court

If you can't resolve your case with the bank through any of these methods, then your last resort is to take your complaint to small claims court.

You can start the process by visiting your local small claims court and filling out the required paperwork with the court's clerk or by submitting an online complaint form if the court provides one.

To file a claim against TD Bank, you'll need to follow these steps:

  • Write a short complaint (no more than two pages) outlining your problem and what you want the bank to do about it.
  • If the issue is related to bank services like credit cards, loans, or insurance, then attach copies of the relevant documents that back up your claim.
  • Attach a copy of any documentation that relates to accuracy issues with things like late payments or inaccurate statements from your bank.

Before the case can go to court, you'll need to create a demand letter and serve it to the bank using certified mail. The demand letter must include the following information:

  • Your full name, address, and phone number
  • The nature of the complaint with TD Bank
  • The time period covered by the complaint
  • A description of any financial losses or damages you've suffered as a result of TD Bank's actions

After you have served TD Bank with your demand letter, you'll need to file an official complaint (filed in the same courthouse where you filed your demand letter) and pay the filing fee. On the top of the complaint form, list "Small Claims" and the case number.

The bank will usually make its counter-offer within three weeks of receiving notice of your lawsuit. If TD Bank doesn't respond to your demand letter or if you find their counter-offer unsatisfactory, you can proceed to take the case to court.

You'll need to provide evidence that supports your claim and prove to the court that TD Bank owes you the money. If a judge rules in your favor, they will order the bank to pay you the amount of your claim plus any attorney and court fees.

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