File Choice Hotels Corporate Complaints in Less Than Five Minutes

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How To File Choice Hotels Corporate Complaints and Get a Satisfactory Resolution

Choice Hotels is a company that operates over 4,700 hotels in North America. They have been in the hotel industry for 50 years and are one of the most recognized names in the industry.

The first Choice Hotel was opened in Orlando, Florida, in 1977. The company has since expanded to be one of the largest hotel franchises in the United States, with one-third of all hotels in the country owned by a single company.

Choice Hotels has received mixed feedback from customers, and there have been various complaints about the company’s hotels.

Customers most often complain about being unable to cancel their plans, being unable to reach a live person to speak with, and not receiving the room they wanted. There have been a few complaints about the hotels' cleanliness, as well.

Choice Hotels is usually fast to respond to these complaints and send a letter apologizing for any inconvenience. Most issues regarding your stay can be resolved with the company by contacting them within 24 hours of arrival.

If you've had an unpleasant experience when staying in one of the company's hotels, this article will show you how to file Choice Hotels corporate complaints and, if the company has wronged you, send demand letters to them in small claims court.

How To Voice Your Choice Hotels Complaints

The best way to reach the company is to call the Choice Hotels property support number at 800-300-8800.

During the week, you won't have to wait for long before reaching a representative, who will be more than willing to help you and resolve your issue with the company.

On the weekends, customers report having trouble reaching customer support, but the main reason for the long waiting times is the fact that the lines are rather busy on the weekends.

That said, Choice Hotels is known to answer the phones on holidays, and the company tends to go out of its way to make sure customers are able to contact them at those times.

When you call, make sure to have your hotel reservation number, as well as any other information that is pertinent to your complaint.

If you prefer to send your complaint in writing, you can email the company at Explain your issue in as much detail as possible and provide any supporting documents, such as the contract you signed with the company or any transaction receipts.

Writing an email is an easy and effective way to send your complaint to Choice Hotels corporate complaints. Just make sure to attach any important documentation and proof of purchases that will help them investigate your claim.

A customer representative will contact you with a response within five business days.

Alternatively, if you want to provide feedback after your stay, you can also file Choice Hotels corporate complaints by sending your complaint letter to:

Choice Hotels at 2450 W. 103rd Ave., Suite 400 Westminster, CO 80234

This is the company's main mailing address, so you're guaranteed a response if you submit an official complaint letter. The company usually responds to written complaints within two weeks.

They're likely to resolve your claim fairly, but if they refuse to do so, there are still a couple of options left to get your voice heard.

How To Contact Support at Choice Hotels
MailChoice Hotels at 2450

W. 103rd Ave., Suite 400

Westminster, CO 80234


How To File Choice Hotels Customer Complaints

If you can't get a satisfactory resolution to your complaint after contacting the company, you can file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

The company has an "A+" rating with the BBB, which means they have been in business for a long time and have a proven track record of customers being satisfied with their hotel stays.

You can lodge a complaint with the BBB using this online form. The Bureau will not hesitate to investigate your complaint and will contact the company to try and resolve the issue.

If you believe that Choice Hotels has relied on deceptive or unfair business practices and has defrauded you, you can report the company to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). The government agency will be more than happy to assist you and mediate the dispute.

The BBB and FTC both offer mediation services that are free of charge, but if they don't get a satisfactory result, your only option is to take the company to small claims court.

Filing Your Choice Hotels Complaint Didn’t Resolve Anything? Send Demand Letters To Choice Hotels in Small Claims Court

If the BBB and FTC can't resolve your complaint, you can take the company to small claims court.

You will have to decide whether you want to send demand letters to Choice Hotels individually or as a class action.

In the first case, you can send demand letters to the company for up to $5,000, depending on the state you're in. The second option allows you to send demand letters to the company for any amount, but it's important to remember that your claim will have to represent all other people who are in the same situation as you. That's why an individual claim in small claims court is the better option.

To start the process against Choice Hotels, you should contact a small claims court in your county or state and file the claim through an online form or in person.

Once you file your claim, you'll have to draft a demand letter and send it to the company's corporate mail, notifying them of your intent to send demand letters to.

The demand letter must include the following information:

  • Name of the court
  • Your name, phone number, and address.
  • The name of the company you are suing (Choice Hotels International, Inc.)
  • The name and address of the hotel you stayed in
  • The issues you've had during your stay and how you'd like them to be resolved
  • Your estimate of the damages you suffered from the company

The company will have 30 days to respond to your demand letter. If they ignore it or refuse to resolve the issue, you can take the case to court.

If a judge rules in your favor, they will order the company to pay you damages. The court can also subpoena the company's financial records and, if they are in compliance with the law, can issue a restraining order or injunction to prevent the company from repeating similar behavior in the future.

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