How To File Stevens Ford Milford Complaints and Have Your Issue Resolved Fast

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How To File Stevens Ford Milford Complaints and Compensation

Stevens Ford is a nationwide car dealership with over 9,400 dealerships. Although it is an American company with over $25 billion dollars in annual sales, the company practices a questionable model of predatory lending. This has led to lawsuits and complaints from people across the country.

The Ford dealership in Milford, Connecticut, is particularly notorious for its practices. There have been various incidents involving Stevens Ford, including a lawsuit filed in April of 2009 by the state for its predatory lending practices. The dealership was able to pay $1.5 million dollars to resolve this lawsuit.

This complaint was significant because Stevens Ford had taken advantage of customers by forcing them into car loans with high interest rates. The customers were also allegedly forced into a lease program that was designed to trap them in a loan. In addition, the company allegedly falsified information on applications for vehicles so that loans would be provided to consumers who could not afford them.

According to the lawsuit filed, Stevens Ford employed tactics that caused car buyers and lessees overpayments of $4 billion dollars. The dealer also had a practice of adding extra fees on top of the advertised sales price. This tactic is known as “yo-yoing” and goes against Federal Trade Commission and Connecticut laws.

If you've encountered an issue with the Milford branch of the company, this article will show you how to voice your complaint and take Ford to small claims court if all else fails.

How To File Stevens Ford Milford Complaints

If you have had an issue with Stevens Ford of Milford, the first step is to contact the company.

In most cases, companies like this one want to resolve issues with their customers so that they don't cause the reputation of the company to be tarnished. You can file an official complaint through this online form, and a customer support representative will contact you within 24 hours to address your concerns.

If you choose to file a complaint online, make sure to provide as much information as possible. Your complaint will be more credible if you have specific details such as the names of people you spoke with at the dealership as well as the dates and times you visited Stevens Ford.

Include information about your interactions with employees so that you can state exactly what happened and how it left you feeling.

If you choose to contact the dealership by phone, you can reach a customer care representative at 203-876-6465. Alternatively, you can mail a complaint letter to the Ford dealership in Milford using the following address:

Stevens Ford Lincoln 717 Bridgeport Ave Milford, CT 06460

Given the company's history, you might not be able to resolve your complaint by talking to a customer representative and will have to explore other options.

How To File a Complaint With Stevens Ford of Milford
Online Complaint Form
MailStevens Ford Lincoln

717 Bridgeport Ave

Milford, CT 06460

How To File Stevens Ford Milford Complaints

If Stevens Ford of Milford fails to resolve your concern, you have other options to get your voice heard. You can file a complaint with:

  • The Connecticut Attorney General
  • The Better Business Bureau
  • The Federal Trade Commission

How To File Stevens Ford Milford Complaints With the CT Attorney General

This state agency enforces state laws and regulations relating to consumer protection and antitrust activity. The Attorney General’s office offers many ways for you to file a complaint:

  • Through an online form
  • Via phone: 860-808-5318
  • By fax: 860-808-5387
  • By email:
  • By mail: Office of Attorney General, 165 Capitol Avenue, Hartford, CT 06106

How To File Stevens Ford Milford Complaints With the BBB

The BBB is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to solving disputes between companies and their customers. If you want to contact the BBB and request mediation services in your dispute against the company, you can file a complaint through this online form.

The BBB will work with the Milford branch of Stevens Ford in order to resolve the issue.

How To File Stevens Ford Milford Complaints With the Federal Trade Commission

You can file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for alleged unfair or deceptive trade practices. This agency is responsible for enforcing a law passed in 1914 that outlawed unfair trade practices such as false advertising and misrepresentation.

You can file a report with the FTC using this online form.

How To Sue Stevens Ford of Milford in Small Claims Court

If you can't resolve the issue through other means, you can sue Stevens Ford in small claims court. Before filing a complaint, it's important to note that you must first write a demand letter to the dealership.

The letter should demand that Stevens Ford of Milford pay damages in an amount equal to what they took from you. You should also ask for compensation for any additional fees that you may have incurred in trying to resolve your matter, such as attorneys fees or lost wages.

Other information you must include in the demand letter:

  • Your name and contact information
  • A brief description of the situation, including why you believe that the company behaved unfairly.
  • A detailed list of documents to support your claims, such as the original purchase agreement and any loan agreements.
  • A statement of the amount that you are seeking as compensation
  • A copy of any supporting documentation, such as receipts and receipts for additional repairs.

Once you have written your demand letter, you may proceed with filing a lawsuit against the Ford dealership. The dealership will have up to 30 days in order to respond to your letter. If they fail to do so or reject your offer, you can proceed with taking the dealership to court.

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