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Prison Pen Pals in Florida—Everything You Need To Know

Studies have found that communication with family, friends, and people outside of prison influences prisoners positively. Prisoners then rarely re-offend, and they have higher chances of a better life when they are released.

Not all inmates have supportive loved ones in their lives. They are the ones who crave human contact the most. You could be their positive influence by becoming their pen pal.

Why Should I Become a Florida Prison Pen Pal?

Florida is said to have the worst prison system in the U.S. Inmate rehabilitation is not the primary goal. They don’t have enough teachers, and the work release program for prisoners has been eliminated. All of this means that there is not much to keep them going while they are in and not much to help inmates get back on their feet when they get out.

Prison pen pals can have a vastly positive impact on the prisoners’ well-being.

Aside from being the support and a distraction the prisoners need, being a pen pal can bring you joy as well. Creating a bond through the written word, looking forward to a letter for a while, reading it, and responding at your convenience—there’s something unique and special about it.

How To Find a Florida Inmate Pen Pal

Writing to an inmate through a pen pal program is now easier than ever. There are many websites where you can find a prisoner who is open to having a pen pal.

You can see a prisoner’s picture, a short bio, what they’re interested in, and usually what they’re in for. Adjust your search to find someone you’d like to write to, be it a male or a female prison pen pal, a gay prisoner, or a prisoner on death row.

Here are some of the best websites to help you find a prison pen pal in Florida:

What To Bear in Mind Before Having a Prison Pen Pal

Before you start writing letters to an inmate, there are a few tips to consider:

  • You can stop being a prison pen pal whenever you want to
  • Don’t reveal your personal information such as your full name, phone number, address, names of family members, etc.
  • You don’t have to share a picture of yourself or do or say anything that makes you uncomfortable

Mail Rules and Regulations About Prison Pen Pal Correspondence

Once you find an inmate to become your pen pal, you can start writing your first letter. Every prison has its own mail rules and regulations, but there are general guidelines set forth by the Florida Department of Corrections:

You ShouldYou Shouldn’t
  • Write in English or Spanish
  • Be aware that all letters are inspected and read by prison staff
  • Write on paper or a plain greeting card
  • Add up to fifteen pages of additional material (e.g., pictures, photos, or greeting cards)
  • Write in a language other than English and Spanish without the prison’s approval
  • Add stickers, glitter, or perfume
  • Write in codes
  • Describe or mention illegal activities, violence, or sex

What Should I Talk About With My Prison Pen Pal?

Writing your first letter may seem intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. Relax and start small. Here are some ideas on what to talk about with your prison pen pal:

  • Say how you found them
  • Tell them some basic info about yourself
  • Talk about your mutual interests
  • Mention why you want to have a pen pal

After the first letter—go with the flow. Your pen pal will probably ask you some questions and propose a topic they would like to discuss with you. If you need inspiration when you’re stuck looking at a blank paper, check DoNotPay’s articles on creative mail ideas, creative letters, and sample letters of encouragement to inmates.

Sending Letters to Florida Pen Pals Using DoNotPay

Once you find a prisoner you’d like to exchange letters with, you can do so using DoNotPay. By sending letters to your pen pal via DoNotPay, you:

  • Don’t have to go to the post office or wait in line
  • Won’t lose letters because they’ll be kept in your Virtual Mailbox
  • Can add photos with a few clicks
  • Choose from different templates to keep your letters fresh and personalized
  • Gain access to sample letters you can tweak according to your preferences
  • Don’t have to worry about addressing the letter properly

The process of mailing your letter is simple. All you have to do is access DoNotPay from your , choose the Connect With an Inmate feature, then the following:

  1. Tap on Send a Personalized Letter
  2. Enter the prisoner’s full name and Booking Number
  3. Write your letter

DoNotPay’s Virtual Mailbox

Our virtual mailbox is another fantastic feature that allows you to receive and access your pen pal’s letters. You’ll have them all in one place, and you won’t have to rent a P.O. box or get out of the house to get the letters.

Locate Any Inmate With DoNotPay

In case you forget or lose your pen pal’s address, don’t panic! DoNotPay can find any inmate at the drop of a hat. Here’s how it works:

  1. Open DoNotPay in your
  2. Select Connect With an Inmate
  3. Click on Locate Someone
  4. Fill in the prisoner’s full name and U.S. state
  5. Answer a few questions
  6. Hit Submit

How Else Can I Contact My Prison Pen Pal?

If you feel comfortable after a while, you may want to reach out to your pen pal in different ways. You could consider sending packages, such as books, magazines, or iCare packages. An inmate can also ask to call you or ask you to visit them.

You don’t have to go beyond exchanging letters if you don’t want to. If you do, you should get informed and find out what to expect. Inmate calling may require you to set up an account with Securus, IC Solutions, or Global Tel Link.

If you choose to visit an inmate, we advise you to think about your safety first. You could gather more information on the inmate you’d like to visit, contact their correctional facility to ask about their behavior and whether they think it’s a good idea to come.

Get DoNotPay’s Assistance for More Issues

Being a prisoner’s pen pal is a kind and noble gesture. Your words could lift their spirits and have an enormous impact on their life moving forward. DoNotPay is here to support you through it and make the process of sending and receiving letters as smooth and convenient as possible.

That is not all we can do for you! Our field of expertise is versatile—from minor inconveniences to issues, we’ve got it covered!

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