How To Get Phone Numbers to Use For Verification On Any Website

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How To Get Phone Numbers to Use For Verification On Any Website

Signing up for websites ain’t what it used to be. From WhatsApp to OfferUp, any and all corporations will ask for your phone number and other personal information just so you’re permitted to become a member.

Consumers can help but think that these companies will try to make a quick buck by selling their personal data behind their backs to inbox spammers. If you’re one of these people irritated by corporations wanting your information, you’re not alone! Companies like DoNotPay work to help you avoid these nuisances and more.

Top 3 Reasons Corporations Give On Why They Need Phone Numbers To Use For Verification

Every major website nowadays will ask you for your phone number, which they will proceed to send a text message to that number containing a code. Phone verification is completed when you relay that code back to the website.

Many websites, however, will give a public explanation as to why they do this. Whether they are being honest remains to be seen, but here are the three most common explanations you will come across:

To prevent suspicious activity.The most likely explanation they give is that phone verification limits the number of frauds and scammers that are brought onto their platform. The website claims they need a phone number they can trace in the event the user violates their guidelines or is detrimental to the company or its users.
To help identify certain users.In the case of social media and messaging apps, companies claim to need phone numbers in order for users to discern certain users from others, such as when multiple users have similar names. They call the phone number a “unique identifier” in this instance.
To limit the number of accounts.Some companies also claim that phone verification limits the number of burner, dummy, and bot accounts. As you might have heard, X and other social media sites have attempted to decrease the number of fake accounts on their platform to increase company value.

With all these varied responses that companies give, it’s understandable for you and other customers to feel pessimistic about what might be done about each submitted phone number.

How Can I Get Verified For Any Website Without A Phone Number?

Getting different is completely doable. The means of obtaining a second or fake phone number are as follows:

  • VoIP number or Google Phone number - An internet-powered landline comes with its very own number you can use.
  • Burner phone - Burner phones with limited features are available at stores like Walmart where it comes with its own number.
  • Another friend’s number - If your friend is willing to give you their number, it’s a free and simple way to get verified, though your friend won’t be able to use their number for signing up in the future.
  • DoNotPay - DoNotPay offers a temporary phone number service where you can use a safe, untraceable number for any website registration.

How Does DoNotPay Issue Me An Alternative Phone Number?

Getting a fake phone number from has never been simpler, and all you need is your own phone! Here’s the 5-step process for getting verified at the site of your choosing:

  1. After registering your account, select the Burner Phone product.
  2. When asked what website you’re registering for, type it in and click on “Create a temporary number”.
  3. DoNotPay will activate a number for you. Use it within the next 10 minutes to sign up for the website.
  4. Check your phone for a new SMS message. DoNotPay will send you the verification code.
  5. Enter the verification code on your website to get verified.

Voila! It’s a very straightforward process that you can do again and again.

How Many DoNotPay Phone Numbers Can I Use For Website Verification?

There’s no limit to how many numbers you can generate. No matter if you make a mistake or are looking to switch numbers for every site you’re on, you can create a number whenever you’d like, at any time of day.

What Makes DoNotPay Stand Out From Other Phone Number Apps?

is a unique business that provides abundant and affordable services that not only work when intended but are completely secure! Take a look at how we differ from our competitors:

  • Unlike other fake phone number apps, our numbers are guaranteed to work! We always issue phone numbers that are perfectly unused for websites you need to get verified on.
  • These numbers are only active for 10 minutes. We’ll deactivate the number once the 10 minutes are up so that the number you use is completely untraceable and not your own.
  • DoNotPay also offers Virtual Card and AI Consumer Champion services that are super convenient for all your stressful tasks involving other companies and governing bodies.
  • All our services cost one low flat rate every month! No hidden charges and cancel at any time.

What Are The Most Known Websites Guaranteed To Work With DoNotPay?

So long as the website involves an SMS phone number in exchange for a code, it can work with a DoNotPay number! Check out some articles from our blog regarding how to bypass the biggest sites on the net:

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