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Start Your Odeon MyLIMITLESS Free Trial Securely With a Virtual Credit Card

ODEON is the largest and most well-known cinema chain in the UK and Ireland. Although it is now owned by AMC Theatres, ODEON is aptly named, considering the word “odeon” in ancient Greek and Roman times referred to a building frequently used for musical shows, singing, and poetry competitions. If you have heard about a possible and are wondering what it is, DoNotPay is here to help you understand your options.


ODEON myLIMITLESS was designed for the ultimate film fan. If this sounds like you, here are the benefits associated with an ODEON myLIMITLESS membership:

  • You can watch as many films as you like, as often as you like
  • You receive 10% off selected food and drinks at any ODEON cinema
  • You can get exclusive invites for upcoming films before their general release date

If you find another subscription that meets your needs, you can easily cancel your ODEON myLIMITLES membership.

Does ODEON myLIMITLESS Offer a Free Trial?

No, unfortunately, at this time, there is no indication that ODEON offers a for the myLIMITLESS membership. However, it is always possible that this can change, so you may want to keep an eye on their website or check directly with them to see if or when this may change. Otherwise, the only way you can try ODEON myLIMITLESS for free is if you happen to be gifted a voucher.

ODEON Contact Information

If you wish to contact ODEON about their myLIMITLESS membership options, you can try one of the following methods:

Ways to Reach ODEON
Online FormSubmit a Request

How Much Does an ODEON myLIMITLESS Membership Cost?

The standard ODEON myLIMITLESS membership is £14.99 per month for all cinemas in the UK, except the West End cinemas. Adding the West End membership is an additional £2 per month. The total membership option gives you access to all locations, including the West End of London cinemas:

  1. ODEON LUXE Leicester Square
  2. ODEON LUXE Haymarket
  3. ODEON LUXE West End

Islington Luxe & Dine requires an upgrade fee, but other ODEON Luxe cinemas do not. However, it is important to note that BFI IMAX is not included in any package. You can choose to pay annually or by the month. If you pay monthly, there is a three-month minimum membership period.

Does ODEON myLIMITLESS Membership Automatically Renew?

Whether or not your membership renews automatically or not depends on the length for which you originally signed up.

  • Annual - No
  • Monthly - Yes

Individuals who pay for the annual membership can renew it after their ninth month through their account. Those with the monthly option can opt to renew, which is unnecessary because the membership will automatically roll over.

How to Avoid Automatic Renewals of Any Free Trial Subscription With DoNotPay

Although there is no , there are plenty of other television and movie services out there that offer free trials. If you are interested in trying any type of subscription or membership-based service that provides a free trial, there is always the possibility that you will forget to cancel it.

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Requesting a virtual credit card from DoNotPay is simple and effective because we automatically generate a credit card number and information. However, our virtual credit card is different from a traditional credit card because there is no spending power. Therefore, if you forget to cancel your trial and the company tries to charge you, they will be unsuccessful.

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