How to Cancel Your ODEON myLIMITLESS the Easy Way

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How to Cancel ODEN Limitless Hassle-Free

Odeon Limitless is a popular online platform that allows members to access a range of films though at a fee. Members are expected to pay a fixed amount as subscription fee on a monthly basis. Although cancelling a subscription can be a lengthy and frustrating process, you can cancel Odeon Limitless with the help of a third party.

DoNotPay comes in handy to help you hassle-free. DoNotPay operates an automated platform that makes cancelling your subscription effortless. With the help of DoNotpay, you can also enjoy a range of other services including helping you cancel Planet Fitness, CVS Carepass, or Xbox Live subscriptions.

Read on to get more information on how to cancel Odeon Limitless, the platform's cancellation policies, and potential problems during cancellation.

What Are Odeon Limitless's Cancellation Policies?

As a subscriber to Odeon Limitless, you need to adhere to the set rules and guidelines. Once you pay for your membership online, you are given a cooling-off period within which you can and get a refund. The cooling-off period is usually 14 days within which you can change your mind and cancel your subscription.

Once you cancel your subscription, you are entitled to a refund. A deduction fee will be charged and this depends on the number of days your membership benefits were available before the cancellation of your subscription. Your refund will be processed within 14 days through the same means you used when making payments.

You have to serve the company with a 30-day notice before you can cancel your membership. This allows the company to stop your next payment since the renewal is automatic.

However, if you joined Odeon Limitless through the gift membership, you don't enjoy the cooling-off rights. Hence, you may not get a refund if you terminate your membership.

How to Cancel Odeon Limitless

Cancelling your Odeon Limitless membership is a straightforward process. If you need to cancel your membership for medical reasons, you may have to provide a valid proof for your cancellation to go through. To cancel your Odeon Limitless, you can contact the company via email, phone, or by filling out an online form.

Cancel Odeon Limitless By Phone

  1. Contact an Odeon Limitless adviser between 10 AM - 5 PM.
  2. Provide a reason why you wish to cancel your membership.
  3. For medical reasons, provide a valid proof.
  4. Provide a brief description of your membership such as your email address, phone number, and the method you used during payment.

Cancelling Via Email

  1. Fill out an online form indicating your intention to cancel your membership
  2. Ensure that you provide correct details about your subscription such as name, phone number and email address.
  3. Provide a description of your complaint to enable the company handle your issue with ease

Here is the contact info you can use to cancel your Odeon Limitless membership:

Phone0333 0044411
Online SupportContact Form

Cancelling Odeon Limitless Within 14 Days

If you purchase your membership online, you can cancel your Odeon Limitless within the 14-day cooling-off period. Ideally, you are given a cooling-off period within which you can cancel your subscription and get a refund from the company, as provided for by The Consumer Contracts Regulations.

Cancelling Odeon Limitless After the Cooling-Off Period

If you need to cancel your membership after the cooling-off period, you can contact the company's customer support via phone. You can also fill out an online form and explain your issue. If you make monthly payment, you should notify the company of your intention within 30 days This lets Odeon Limitless cancel your next debit to avoid automatic renewal. As a result, your membership will end once your current payment expires.

Potential Problems When Cancelling Odeon Limitless

If you joined Odeon Limitless through the gift membership plan, you aren't entitled to a cooling off period. As a result, cancelling your Odeon Limitless may be a complex process and you may not get a refund for the amount paid.

However, you don't have to worry as DoNotPay can help you cancel your membership easily. DoNotPay can help you skip the phone queue and talk to a live customer support agent without waiting on hold for too long.

Have DoNotPay Cancel Your Odeon Limitless Subscription

With the help of DoNotPay you can cancel your Odeon Limitless without breaking a sweat. All you need to do is open DoNotPay and fast. DoNotPay will notify you once the service has been cancelled.

Here’s how to cancel your Odeon Limitless in 3 steps:

  1. Log-in to DoNotPay and search for the Manage Subscriptions product.

  1. Provide the name of the subscription service you want to cancel.

  1. Provide your account details such as email address and username.

Upon submitting your details, DoNotPay will work on cancelling your subscription and even try to get a refund on your behalf.

What Other Subscriptions Can DoNotPay Help Me Cancel?

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What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

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