How to Send Kern County Inmate Packages

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A Quick Guide to Sending Kern County Inmate Packages

Inherent in prison life, loneliness and separation are a prisoner’s silent spirit killers.

One of the ways of helping prison inmates stay connected to themselves and the world outside is writing them letters. It could be love letters or creative ones, full of jokes or anecdotes.

Besides sending letters of encouragement to inmates, we can also provide them with care and other types of packages to make their time in prison a bit more comfortable.

The problem is that many people on the outside are not familiar with inmate package rules specific to a particular prison.

DoNotPay will now guide you through regulations in place at Kern County Jail.

Central Receiving Facility and Lerdo Complex Inmate Packages

Generally speaking, prison facilities have stringent rules regarding inmate packages. Most prisons don’t allow inmates’ families and friends to send packages containing food and other items prisoners may need. If they do, it is only possible through authorized vendors.

The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) allows only quarterly inmate packages purchased through approved vendors on the state level.

You will have to check locally what policies each Kern County Jail facility—Central Receiving Facility or Lerdo Complex facilities—has.

For example, all Kern County Jail facilities allow appropriate softbound books (two per shipment) and magazines purchased through and directly sent by:

  • The publisher
  • Amazon
  • Barnes and Noble

DoNotPay can show you how to send books or magazines to inmates through Amazon.

Kern County Inmate Letter Rules

You have to follow the rules and regulations when you are writing to a prisoner in a Kern County facility. It is also important to know how to address it.

One of the most important things to remember is that Kern County Jail accepts correspondence sent via the U.S. Postal Service only.

Your letter to an inmate can only include paper and envelope and cannot contain items such as:

  • Hair
  • Money
  • Photos
  • Stamps
  • Perfume
  • Greeting or musical cards
  • Lipstick, glitters, stickers, or tape

For more information on forbidden items, check the rules for each detention facility.

To address an inmate mail correctly, follow this format:

  1. Inmate name and booking number
  2. Facility name
  3. Address
  4. City, state, zip code

Letters and packages will undergo inspection upon arrival, and they must not contain anything contraband, such as:

  • Violence-stimulating material
  • Gang-related content
  • Sexually explicit content

Facility Addresses and Contact Numbers

The table below features the addresses and phone numbers of Kern County Jail facilities.

FacilityAddressPhone Number
Central Receiving FacilityP.O. Box 2208

Bakersfield, CA 93303-2208

(661) 868-6850
Lerdo Pre-Trial Facility17695 Industrial Farm Rd. Bakersfield, CA 93308(661) 391-7900
Lerdo Minimum Security Facility17635 Industrial Farm Road

Bakersfield, CA 93308

(661) 391-7802
Lerdo Maximum-Medium Security Facility17645 Industrial Farm Road

Bakersfield, CA 93308

(661) 391-2064

Lerdo Justice Facility

17801 Industrial Farm Rd.

Bakersfield, CA 93308

(661) 391-3100

Kern County Packages for Inmates—The CDCR-Authorized Vendors

In case the facility where your friend or family member is situated allows inmates to receive packages other than books and magazines, the most viable vendors you can refer to are the ones approved by the CDCR.

Here’s the vendor list:

Can I Make a Phone Call to an Inmate? What Are the Rules for Kern County Jail Inmate Phone Calls?

Kern County Jail does not allow incoming inmate calls—only outgoing ones.

To cut the cost of inmate calls that the recipients would bear, many prisons, including Kern County Jail, have changed their Inmate Phone Systems.

Inmates can now make calls using their accounts on Securus Technologies.

You can contact the company to set up a Friends and Family account:

  • Via phone:
  • English: 800-844-6591
  • Spanish: 866-561-6718

In case you would like to know the rules for federal inmate phone calls, follow the link and read our guide.

Connect With an Inmate With DoNotPay

DoNotPay has introduced an amazing new service—Connect With an Inmate—which facilitates nurturing connections and relationships with those who are detained in prison.

Its features:

  1. Help you locate inmates
  2. Allow you to send letters to your loved ones in prison
  3. Enable you to receive letters from prison inmates

Trace Your Friend or Family Member With DoNotPay

If a person you care about is in prison, but you don’t know what facility they are in, or if they got transferred since the last time you corresponded, you’d probably want to know how to find them.

Not only can DoNotPay help you locate inmates in Kern County Jail, but it can also show you how to find inmates in the whole state of California and beyond via its Locate Someone feature.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Open DoNotPay in your
  2. Pick Connect With an Inmate and hit Locate Someone
  3. Provide the inmate’s name and the state they are in

DoNotPay will locate and generate the most current facility the individual is at.

Send Letters via DoNotPay

Connect With an Inmate truly does what it claims to do!

You can use this service to send letters to prison inmates wherever you are, anytime you see fit.

It is similar to sending inmate emails, the only difference being that your recipient will get a printed letter instead.

To see how it works:

  1. Access Connect With an Inmate from your
  2. Select Send a Personalized Letter
  3. Add the inmate’s information
  4. Compose or upload the text

Once you are done, DoNotPay will print the letter and forward it to the inmate location.

P.S. Another fantastic aspect of this service is that your home address is private. It means that if you want to provide support to a person you don’t know by writing them letters, your prison pen pal won’t know where you are (a minor safety precaution, but it will help you sleep better!).

Get Inmate Responses With DoNotPay

An extra feature of DoNotPay’s Connect With an Inmate gives you the possibility to receive mail from prison inmates.

The feature is known as Virtual Mailbox and is super-easy to enable. You can access it from the Connect With an Inmate page and enable it by clicking on Create My Mailbox.

From that moment onwards, you will receive letters from inmates you are in contact with all in one place.

They will send you a standard letter, which will be delivered to an address designated by DoNotPay. Our team will then scan the content and post it to your virtual mailbox.

DoNotPay—One Platform To Handle All Your Daily Issues

Besides Kern County Jail’s regulations, DoNotPay can also shed light on the rules for inmate packages in the rest of California state as well as Florida, Kentucky, or West Virginia.

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