Can You Write Love Letters to Inmates? Yes, Here's How

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Everything You Need To Know About Inmate Love Letters

Dealing with a partner being incarcerated can be difficult in many ways. It can be tough to keep a romantic relationship going. Communication is limited. All the rules and guidelines about inmate visitation and inmate calling can be overwhelming. The list goes on.

DoNotPay can make these hardships easier and help you draft and send your love letter to a prisoner.

My Partner Is in Jail—What Can I Do?

“Absence makes the heart grow fonder.” Even in a painful situation such as when someone you love is incarcerated, this quote can be true. The key ingredient in finding a silver lining here is communication. There are many prisoners who seek love and friendship and use apps like PrisonPenPals and Write A Prisoner in order to have a connection with someone on the outside. You can be this connection—showing love and support—to your loved one in jail by:

What To Keep in Mind Before Sending Prison Love Letters

When days in prison get gloomy, a loving gesture—especially a love letter—can go a long way.

Just like any letter, sending a love letter to prison comes with several mail rules and regulations. Check out what to do and what not to do before mailing your letter of love:

  • Address the letter
  • Send a plain greeting card
  • Add a photo no larger than 4x6 inches
  • Know that every letter is inspected by prison staff
  • Write down the prisoner’s full name and ID number on every page just in case
  • Contact the correctional facility where your loved one is situated to check the mail rules
  • Add perfume
  • Mention anything illegal
  • Include a polaroid picture
  • Send a musical or a pop-up card
  • Add drawings that could be considered a code
  • Use tape, glitter, stickers, colored paper, or colored pens
  • Disparage the prison or prison staff in your letter

In terms of the content of the love letter, aside from not saying anything illegal or connected to the prisoner’s case, sexual innuendos are usually unacceptable. Some women have reported that the prison staff only scans the letters for suspicious keywords and tolerates sexual messages.

Writing Love Letters to Prison Inmates—What To Say?

Pouring your heart and soul on paper is definitely not easy. If you think you’re not talented enough to transform your emotions into words, you can always start small. Here are some ideas on what to write about in your love letters:

  • Talk about your daily life
  • Ask questions about their day
  • Say how much you miss them
  • Discuss a book, movie, or a TV show
  • Motivate them to exercise and eat healthily
  • Encourage them to keep going and be patient
  • Include inspirational quotes or write from the heart
  • Write their favorite poem or song, or write your own
  • Tell them they are not alone, support and comfort them
  • Add a joke or a lighthearted story and make them laugh
  • Share some news about yourself, the family, or the world
  • Describe activities you’ll do together once they come out
  • Play a game—write a puzzle, a riddle, an interesting question

When you don’t feel inspired, you can use our sample letters of encouragement to inmates.

Send Other Items to Your Partner in Jail To Show Love

The written word can bring so much joy to your imprisoned loved one, but this is not the only item you can send their way to make them feel appreciated. What you send them can be a constant reminder of your support until you finally meet again. Check out which items in an inmate package are allowed and which aren’t:

Acceptable ItemsUnacceptable Items
  • Photos
  • Care packages
  • Paperback Books
  • Postcards and greeting cards
  • Magazine and newspaper snippets
  • Pens
  • Cash
  • Drugs
  • Razors
  • Jewelry
  • Weapons
  • Cigarettes
  • Cosmetics
  • Hardback books

Locate Your Incarcerated Loved One With DoNotPay

Before you send anything to your incarcerated loved one, you must know their exact address. The location of their correctional facility may have different units—this needs to be specified when you address the letter or a package.

DoNotPay can help you find your partner in jail in a few clicks. Here’s how it works:

  1. Access DoNotPay in a
  2. Tap on the Connect With an Inmate feature
  3. Select Locate Someone
  4. Type in the prisoner’s full name
  5. Enter the state they are located in
  6. Answer some more questions
  7. Tap on Submit

Thanks to our AI-powered technology and vast database, DoNotPay will find any incarcerated person and give you their correct location.

Send Your Inmate Love Letters Using DoNotPay

You can rely on DoNotPay to fast-track the process of writing and sending a love letter to an inmate. In true DoNotPay fashion, a few clicks here and there will do the trick.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Open DoNotPay in your
  2. Choose the Connect With an Inmate option
  3. Click on Send a Personalized Letter
  4. Write down the name of your loved one
  5. Type in their Inmate ID or Booking Number
  6. Compose your love letter

If you want to, you can also add a photo and choose a special template for every holiday season. Once you finish your love letter, DoNotPay will promptly send it out. You can rest assured it will be signed, sealed, and delivered!

Receive Inmate Love Letters Through DoNotPay

Sending a love letter to someone doesn’t mean much without the back-and-forth. DoNotPay allows you to receive and view all of your letters in one place—the Virtual Mailbox.

Check out how we bring the letters to your virtual mailbox:

  1. An inmate sends a letter
  2. We digitize it
  3. You access the letter in your virtual mailbox
  4. Read it as many times as you want

When Will My Love Letter Arrive in Prison?

How long it takes to deliver a letter to prison depends on a few factors:

  • The postal service
  • The sender’s location
  • The correctional facility’s location
  • The prison’s inspection process

Typically, a letter is expected to arrive in three to five business days, but sometimes it can also take more days or even weeks.

DoNotPay Is Solving Problems Left and Right!

Not only can DoNotPay assist you with drafting, mailing, and receiving inmate love letters, but we can provide you with answers and solutions in other ways, as well! Learn about Securus, IC Solutions, and Global Tel Link if you want to call your incarcerated loved one. Get ideas for creative mail and iCare packages for inmates! If you or your partner said yes, inform yourself about prison marriage and how to marry an inmate in a county jail.

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