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How Does Faxing Work? The Mystery Unraveled

The invention of fax machines revolutionized the way messages and documents are transferred. Today, faxing is still alive and kicking because no other method is safer and more reliable.

While we mostly use the internet to fax documents, some companies still rely on fax machines to send important files. If you want to learn how to fax, come along! We will answer the “How does faxing work” question and present the most practical way to fax any document!

What Is a Fax Machine?

A fax machine is a device for transferring documents between locations, electronically or via a telephone line. The files that you send via a fax machine are called faxes. The files can be transferred:

  • Between two fax machines
  • From a computer to a fax machine

Fax machines today primarily serve to send classified information, such as medical or files. The generations that grew up with fax machines still prefer faxing to other means of document exchange.

Today, fax machines are mostly available as parts of multi-functional units that provide faxing, copying, scanning, and printing services.

How Do Fax Machines Work?

Fax machines scan an image or a document and transfer that scan to the receiving device, where it is printed. Fax machines communicate with one another via a telephone line.

Before sending a document, both machines have to confirm they’re ready for the process. They need to communicate so that the receiving device can expect the document transfer. The confirmation process is called a handshake, and it sounds like a dial tone.

Here are the key elements that make transferring documents via a fax machine feasible:

  1. Sensor that reads the paper
  2. System for encoding the black and white spots on the paper so they can travel via a telephone line
  3. Mechanism that marks the paper with black dots

What Does a Fax Machine Do?

Fax machines split up a document into a grid of squares, similar to pixels. The sending fax machine does the following:

  • Reads one line of squares at a time
  • Beeps a message to the receiving fax machine if the squares are black or white (in the form of ones and zeroes)

The receiving fax machine accepts the message and works simultaneously to convert the document and print it out.

The key to successfully sending a fax via a fax machine is to have separate phone lines. If you use the same phone line while faxing a document, you are at risk of someone calling you during transmission. That can interrupt the communication between two devices and cause you to repeat the process all over again.

What Is the Internet Fax?

The internet has changed the way we fax documents. While fax machines still serve their purpose, there are far too many disadvantages to using them rather than faxing online.

Online faxing involves a simple procedure:

The rest is as simple as sending an email. You only need to attach the document, enter the online fax number in the required field, and send it.

Simplicity is only one reason why you should consider online faxing. Take a look at the table below to discover its other advantages:

Benefits of Online FaxingDetails


Fax travels straight to the receiver’s inbox. There is less chance of an unauthorized person picking up the fax from the fax machine


Fax machines are expensive to maintain. You will have to pay for paper, repairs, ink cartridges, etc.


You can fax from anywhere, anytime, and using any digital device—including a PC, Mac, laptop, iPhone, or Android phone

You Don’t Have To Use a Fax Machine—Use DoNotPay Instead

Our app has developed a nifty feature for sending faxes. You won’t have to bother with fax machines ever again! We provide an exceptional faxing service at an affordable price. By accessing our app from your , you will be able to:

  • Send up to 100 pages every month
  • Fax automatically from any digital device
  • Snap a photo or upload a file and fax it quickly
  • Avoid scanning by taking photos of your checks and bills

If you need to send a classified document, we got your back! Our Fax feature integrates with the Documents feature. You can create, e-sign, and fax a document safely to the receiver in record time!

How Does Sending a Fax Online With DoNotPay Work?

Faxing with DoNotPay is no more difficult than texting! You only need to do the following:

  1. Navigate to our app in your
  2. Access the DoNotPay Fax feature
  3. Choose the option for sending faxes
  4. Upload a file or snap a photo you wish to fax
  5. Enter the receiving fax number

All you need to do after sending is wait for DoNotPay’s confirmation that the file is on its way.

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