The Easiest Way to Reach G4S Global's Customer Service Reps

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The Easiest Way to Reach G4S Global's Customer Service Reps

G4S is a renowned international and integrated security company offering a range of services to the general society. G4S has its headquarters in London. The company provides security, justice, cash management, forensic and primary health services, and many more services related to protection and preservation.

G4S was established in 2004 and has grown to become the most significant security company in the world. The company provides over 10,000 customers with a wide range of services. G4S offers critical services to their clientele who may want to contact them fast.

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How to Directly Contact G4S Customer Services

There are several ways you can get in touch with G4S and have a query or issue resolved. These include:

  • Phone call
  • Email
  • Post
  • Fill a Query Form
  • Social Media
  1. Phone Call

If you have urgent enquiries, or you just want to contact G4S and get it over and done with, you should make a phone call. There are several phone numbers which you can contact G4S depending on the service you are after.

The quickest way to get redirected to the relevant G4S department is to call the G4S switchboard. You can reach them at +44 (0)208 770 7000. The switchboard is the main line of G4S UK offices. The customer service department will assess your query and redirect you to the most suitable G4S department.

  • For key holding enquiries, call +44 (0)845 9000 447 (option 1)
  • For cash solutions, call +44 (0)844 800 4205
  • For secure solutions, call +44 (0)800 085 9899
  • For care and justice solutions, call 0844 387 7744
  • For secure solutions, call 0845 900 0447

The table below shows quick access phone numbers for G4S support:

DepartmentServiceContact Info
Main (Switchboard)Customer service+44 (0)208 770 7000
KeyholdingKeyholding+44 (0)845 9000 447 (option 1)
Sales TeamCash solutions+44 (0)844 800 4205
Sales TeamSecure solutions+44 (0)800 085 9899
Customer ServicesCare and Justice0844 387 7744
Customer ServicesSecure solutions0845 900 0447

Calling G4S, however, on any of the above numbers may be costly since you will have to cater for the call fees. Also, the lines are not always open. The G4S call lines are only open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday. You cannot call G4S over the weekend or on a public holiday.

  1. Email

You can contact the G4S customer service team by emailing them at specific email addresses, depending on your enquiry.

Using email to contact G4S customer service may take longer than you would like, especially if you have an urgent enquiry. Use this only if your enquiry is not urgent, or you cannot cater to the cost of a phone call to G4S.

  1. Post Mail

Contact G4S customer service by sending mail detailing all your relevant enquiries or complaints. Address your mail to:

46 Gillingham Street

Pimlico, London


United Kingdom

Use this method only when you are in no hurry to deliver your enquiry to G4S. Using posts to communicate will take longer. It will also cost you stamp fees.

  1. Fill Out a Query Form

You can contact the G4S customer service team by filling in the query form found on the G4S home page. Fill in your details and once you are sure you are done, click the 'submit form' button.

The query form collects data that G4S will use to get back to you with a response or a redirection to a relevant G4S department.

  1. Social Media

In the age of the social media revolution, you can get through to G4S by using social media forums like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Follow these steps to contact G4S through social media:

  • Search and follow the respective G4S social media handle.
  • Either comment on a recent G4S social media post or create a post detailing your concern and tag their handle.
  • You can contact them privately by sending your concern as a direct message

These are the various social media handles for G4S:

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