What Is GetHuman? — All You Need to Know Before Joining

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What Is GetHuman? — All You Need to Know Before Joining

You may have asked yourself “?” The GetHuman site claims to be able to assist consumers with contact information for any company. You can have the company contact customer service on your behalf as well. We have done some investigating to determine if GetHuman is as helpful as the site claims. We will also discuss an alternative option for successfully connecting with customer service.

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Reasons for Using GetHuman

The GetHuman site was created to help people get connected to customer service more easily by waiting on hold for them. It was also a place where the contact information could be gathered for contacting customer service at any company. There is a lot of contact information on the site but many consumers claim that much of the information is outdated.

The Cost of GetHuman

If you wish to use the services of GetHuman there is supposed to be an option that allows you to skip waiting on hold and get a call back when a representative is ready or an option to have GetHuman contact customer service on your behalf but there is no price information to be found. CNET has reported on GetHuman and claims the cost ranges between $5 and $25 per call depending on the company being contacted.

Complaints and Issues

Consumers who have tried using GetHuman have reported a variety of issues they experienced when attempting to connect with customer service. The BBB has the company listed as having a rating of 1.75 out of 5 stars based on customer reviews. These are the reasons customers complained about GetHuman.

  1. Outdated information.
  2. No price guide.
  3. Failed to receive a callback.
  4. Unable to remove personal data from the website.
  5. Unable to connect with customer service at GetHuman after failing to connect with customer service at another company.
  6. Only local company information is available.

Get a Human at GetHuman

If you have had trouble using the GetHuman site we have gathered the customer service contact information for the site for you. You can connect with GetHuman by phone, email, or by mail. Here's how.

Phone(617) 651-0250
EmailContact Email
Address131 Dartmouth Street #3, Boston, MA 02116-5297
Manager to ContactChristian Allen

When calling customer service can be reached Monday through Friday from 9 AM until 5 PM.

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