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Duke Energy Smart Meter Complaints—How To Avoid Paying Insanely High Electric Bills

Duke Energy is a leading utility company in the United States. Duke Energy is responsible for providing power to customers who live in North and South Carolina, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, and Florida.

Most of Duke Energy's customers have smart meters installed on their homes, and many customers have complained about the prices of their electric bills since the meters were installed back in 2017.

In a few extreme cases, people have reported that their bills have tripled. The matter even reached news outlets in Florida, but the company still denied liability after an investigation from News 13 reporters and blamed the issue on people's appliances.

The issues with the smart meter persisted, and the company finally introduced the option to opt out of the smart meter and revert to the standard, manually read meter. The issue, however, is that the latter option comes with additional fees, and customers feel like Duke Energy has deliberately put them in a lose-lose situation.

If you are a customer of Duke Energy and you've been charged exorbitant amounts on your electric bill due to the Smart Meter, you might be able to send demand letters to for monetary damages in small claims court.

Before taking action, it's highly recommended that you contact the company and try to resolve the issue outside of court.

How To File Official Duke Energy Complaints

If you have a complaint regarding your bill or the Smart Meter, you can contact Duke Energy customer support. You'll find the contact information on the Customer Service page of the company's official website.

Keep in mind that the contents of the website are different depending on which state you're accessing it from. If the website loads without asking you to select your state, make sure to double-check the selected location (top-right corner of the website's header) to avoid calling the wrong customer service number.

You can also send Duke Energy an email through this online form or mail your complaint to the appropriate P.O. box.

The company typically responds to complaints within two weeks, so it's recommended to send your complaint in writing as soon as possible to ensure that your problem will be resolved before you receive the next bill.

How To Contact Duke Energy Customer Service

Email Form

  • Florida: 800-700-8744
  • Indiana: 800-521-2232
  • Kentucky: 800-544-6900
  • North Carolina: 800-777-9898 and 800-452-2777 (Duke Energy Progress)
  • Ohio: 800-544-6900
  • South Carolina: 800-777-9898 and 800-452-2777 (Duke Energy Progress)

Duke Energy

How To File Duke Energy Complaints

The company is known for denying liability, especially when it comes to issues with their Smart Meter, so it's highly unlikely you'll reach a satisfactory resolution after contacting Duke Energy's customer service.

If the company has wronged you and refuses to address your complaint, you can contact the following regulatory bodies for assistance:

  • North Carolina Utilities Commission: (919) 733-7328
  • Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission: (317) 232-2701
  • Ohio Attorney General's Consumer Protection Division: (800) 282-0515
  • Kentucky Attorney General's Consumer Protection Division: (502) 696-5389
  • South Carolina Department of Public Utilities: (803) 268-4000
  • Florida Public Service Commission: (800) 342-3552
  • National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners: (202) 898-2200

The above regulatory bodies can help you and advise you as to whether your complaint qualifies for a lawsuit against Duke Energy. If they decide your complaint should be handled in court, they can also assist you with filing the appropriate paperwork for your case.

Since this is an interstate issue, it's recommended that you also contact the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

How To File Duke Energy Smart Meter Complaints With the FCC

The FCC is a government agency in charge of overseeing telecommunications and broadcasting services. The Commission provides consumer assistance to customers who feel that their rights as customers have been violated by telecommunications and broadcasting companies.

A complaint made to the FCC must be sent as an official letter or through the official form on the FCC's website. The Commission will investigate your complaint if it is not too long and complex. It usually responds within 30 days of receiving your complaint, so you should provide as much information as possible in your initial letter to avoid additional delays.

How To Send demand letters to Duke Energy in Small Claims Court

Duke Energy is one of the largest utility companies in the United States. The company operates in six states and employs thousands of people.

To send demand letters to a big corporation like Duke Energy, you'll need to contact a lawyer who has experience with consumer rights violations. The process against the company can be complex and drawn-out, but if you can prove that the company has wronged or defrauded you or is in violation of the law, you will surely be compensated for your loss.

To send demand letters to Duke Energy, you will need to file a complaint in small claims court in the state where you live. You can do this by contacting the court's district clerk's office and requesting to file a complaint against Duke Energy.

Typically, this is done over the phone, via email, or by completing an online form on the court's website. Keep in mind that small claims court handles civil lawsuits with a maximum value of $5,000.

Before the case reaches trial, you'll need to draft a professional demand letter and serve it to Duke Energy. The demand letter serves as a notice of your intent to pursue action and gives the company one final opportunity to resolve the matter outside of court.

The demand letter must include the following information:

  • Your name and address
  • The nature of your complaint
  • A detailed description of the disputed transaction or service provided
  • A statement of the damages you've suffered as a result of Duke Energy's actions
  • Whether you have attempted to resolve the dispute with Duke Energy officials or filed a complaint with a government agency
  • When and where you served the demand letter on Duke Energy's representatives.

When writing the demand letter, make sure to be as specific as possible. If Duke Energy doesn't respond or refuses to resolve the dispute, the case will go to court.

To win your case, you'll need to prove that Duke Energy's actions were intentional and fraudulent or in violation of local or federal law. The company will probably deny your claims and provide a number of different excuses. You should be prepared to testify and provide as much evidence of the dispute as possible (e.g., police complaints, canceled checks, receipts).

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