How To Request a Duke Energy Refund

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How To Get a Duke Energy Refund With Ease

Duke Energy is an electric power holding company. They provide electricity to 7.7 million customers within six U.S. states. Through their subsidiary company—Piedmont Natural Gas—Duke Energy also deals in natural gas distribution. Within this aspect of their business, they serve 1.6 million customers.

Their business model requires you to pay a security deposit before you can use their services.

What happens with the deposit when you cancel the service? If you are wondering how you can get a Duke Energy security deposit refund, DoNotPay has got you covered.

Duke Energy Deposit Refund Policy

Duke energy calculates the sum/your deposit on a case-by-case basis. Their terms state that they will estimate the yearly charge for their service and require you to pay 2/12 of that sum as a deposit.

Deposits can be:

  • Sent to Duke Energy via mail, P.O. box 1003, Charlotte, NC 28262
  • Paid in person at an authorized payment location
  • Paid via check, money order, or cash
  • Paid online with credit or debit card leveraging EZ-Pay service (EZ-Pay fees will apply)

When Are You Eligible For a Duke Progress Energy Deposit Refund?

Duke Energy will refund the deposit to the customers that qualify. In order to be eligible for the Progress energy refund, you need to meet the following conditions:

  • You paid the previous 12 monthly bills in a row without being disconnected due to non-paid bills
  • You paid your bills on time—during the 12-month period, you shouldn’t have more than two occasions where your bill payment was past due
  • You are not late in the payment of the current bill

Duke Energy will pay simple interest on your deposit. The current yearly interest rate is 8% (3.5% for residents of South Carolina). The interest calculation will start 91 days after you started the service.

Duke Energy will refund your deposit either by mailing a cheque to your address or credit it to your Duke Energy Progress account.

How To Get a Duke Energy Refund With DoNotPay

You can forget confusing online refund forms or chasing Duke Energy via the phone. Our app can do this for you, with minimal consumption of your time, money, and nerves. All you need to do is the following:

  1. Open DoNotPay in your
  2. Locate the File a Chargeback option
  3. Fill in the answers to the questions from our chatbot pertaining to your personal details, bank, and Duke Energy
  4. Verify by placing your signature
  5. Submit your request

DoNotPay will generate a refund request, send the dispute letter to your banking institution via fax immediately, and also identify the applicable MasterCard and VISA reason codes to fire up your request.

Besides, DoNotPay may reach out to the merchant on your behalf and record the call to generate additional evidence in accordance with the Fair Credit Billing Act.

How To Request a Duke Energy Refund Manually

If you have free time and prefer to take care of the Duke Energy refund on your own, there are few options available:

Can You Request a Refund Via

Yes / No








How To Request a Duke Progress Energy Deposit Refund Online

If you would like to request a refund through the Duke Energy website, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Customer Service page in your web browser
  2. Navigate to the Contact Us section at the bottom
  3. Click on Email to expand the additional options
  4. Hit the blue Email Us button
  5. Fill in the details as requested in their form
  6. Check I’m not a robot and hit Submit

How To Request a Duke Energy Refund via a Phone Call

Follow the steps below to request a Duke Energy refund:

  1. Call the company at (800) 452-2777 for home users, or (866) 582-6345 for business users
  2. Follow the representative’s instructions

How To Request a Duke Energy Refund via a Letter

If you prefer to send Duke Energy a written request via post, follow these steps:

  1. Draft a request and include your name and address
  2. Mail to Duke Energy Progress, P.O. Box 1003, Charlotte, NC 28201-1003

How Long Will It Take To Receive the Duke Energy Deposit Refund?

Duke Energy doesn’t provide transparent information on how long it will take for you to receive your deposit refund. Addressing a customer complaint on Better Business Bureau, a representative of Duke Energy Consumer Affairs responded that the refund check takes 14–21 days to reach the customer, from the date it was issued. They also warned that there might be additional delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Duke Energy Refund and Service Disconnection Scam

Duke Energy reported an increased number of scammers trying to impersonate their representatives. The scammers are trying to threaten Duke Energy users with disconnecting their electricity and gas services unless they immediately provide their billing details via the phone.

Be advised that Duke Energy stopped with all disconnections during the special COVID-19 situation.

If you accumulated a significant debt for the Duke Energy service during this time, you can use DoNotPay to lower your bills or get an extension on the payment deadline.

How Can You Check the Status of Your Refund Request?

To check the status of your refund request, call the following numbers:

  • (800) 452-2777 for private users
  • (866) 582-6345 for business users

Duke Energy Alternative Service Providers

Duke Energy is hardly the only fish in the sea—especially where energy providers are concerned. Here are some of the companies comparable with Duke Energy that you might consider switching to.


Pricing Plans


PG&E Corporation (a.k.a. Pacific Gas and Electric)

  • Tiered rate plan
  • Time-of-Use plan
  • Electric vehicle base plan
  • Sale and delivery of energy
  • Natural gas
  • Electricity
  • Oil and gas

Public Service Enterprise Group

  • Predictable monthly energy bill
  • Paperless billing
  • The previous year's energy usage divided into 12 installments
  • Transmission and distribution
  • Gas and electricity
  • The residential, commercial, and industrial sector
  • Solar investments

How Else Can DoNotPay Help You?

Duke Energy is only one of a vast array of electric energy companies we can help you deal with.

If you need to cancel another energy provider like DTE, CPEnergy, Arcadia Power, Dominion Power, or Con Edison, DoNotPay is there to help you achieve it. We can offer our assistance with securing a refund from SCE&G or covering your PG&E and DTE Hill costs.

DoNotPay can help you lower any electric bill, including the PG&E bill, regardless of the state you’re living in—we are at your service from Ohio, Texas, and Illinois to New Jersey and North Carolina.

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